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TROVE  gives the options of looking for certain dates and places as well as names, events, photos and so on. For this exercise, I chose to look at the headlines or articles from the nearest publication possible, firstly to coincide with my father's birthdate and place, and then, my mother's.

Dad was born in Aberdeen, NSW, a home birth, as were all that of his siblings...on 12th September, 1923. The nearest publication was from a couple of hours away.. 
the Maitland Mercury (NSW: 1894-1939), Wednesday 12 September, 1923.

I suspect that his family were a bit too busy to actually read the paper on that day, but maybe my grandfather, an avid reader, especially of newspapers, would have noticed this small item referring to his homeland of Greece...


I wonder what his reaction would have been...

My mother was born in Coff's Harbour... I couldn't find a local paper, that has been digitised, for that date, so I chose the Sydney Morning Herald and an article from the 10th July, 1930...

 In great contrast, it was quite a bit longer and fittingly referred to the Nation's Budget... fittingly, as I can never remember a time when Mum wasn't working to a budget, no matter what her circumstances. How do you think this Budget stands in comparison to those we see today?

Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 1842-1954)Thursday July 10, 1930, page 10

nla.news-article16668472.4 10 Jul 1930 SMH 

So, as well as finding out what was happening at a certain time, I could also easily see what day of the week my parents were born... much more fun this way than looking for past calendars via Google... Dad on a Wednesday, Mum on a Thursday...

Just for a random glance, I went back to the beginning of the TROVE search, to see what happened on this day... this day, being the 10th April, (yesterday) rather than waiting for the day this post will be published. I was pleased to choose, in the main, a light hearted selection... enjoy..

 nla.news-article130542985.3 April 10, 1995

Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 - 1995), Monday 10 April 1995, page 16 (2)

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