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TROVE just keeps on giving.. There are so many lists available that could possibly be of help in determining where our ancestors came from... The list of Immigrants who arrived on the GOLCONDA in October, 1858, is one such list. See below...

Outward Bound, January 17, 1853 Golconda, painted in 1876 by LDS artist George M. Ottinger.

Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Friday 22 October 1858, page 6
National Library of Australia

IMMIGRANTS per GOLCONDA.—Notice is hereby
given, that the undermentioned persons, for whom
passages were provided to this colony. In pursuance of de-
posits made under the Remittance Regulations, have arrived
in the ship Golconda, and that they will be prepared to join
their friends—the single females, from the institution in
Hyde Park Barracks, on and after their arrival there, and
the families and single males, from the ship on SATURDAY next, the 23rd instant, at one o'clock p.m.

See the list below...

 I decided to look a bit further and have included the details of the crew, thanks to Mary-Anne Warner's great site...

Immigrant List


Name of immigrant              County from whence selected.

Abbott, Ann Longford
Adams, Alexander none x
Allison, John Renfrew
             Elizabeth Ditto
             Janet Ditto
             Elizabeth Ditto
Allison, James Renfrew
Aryeo, George     Somerset
Baker, Margaret Clare
            Mary Ditto
Bateup, Samuel Sussex
             Mary T. Ditto
    A.. Ditto
             Frances Ditto
             Martha Ditto
Baten, ? Ditto
Baten?, Samuel Ditto
Bergin, Mary Kilkenny
Bent? Elizabeth Armagh
Bourke, Michael Clare
             Thomas Ditto
Bourke, Ellen Ditto
              Margaret Ditto
Brandon, Elizabeth Stafford
Brooke, Henry Sussex
              Susannah Ditto
Browne, Ramsey Lanark
              Alexander Ditto
Buchanan, Robert Fermanagh
Buchanan, Charles Ditto
Burke, James Galway
Burns, Henry Cavan
            John Ditto
Cains, Lucy Somerset
Carry, Philip Cavan
Clark, Sarah Warwick
Clark, William Ditto
Collins, Michael Clare
Conlan, Catherine Lancashire
Considine, Catherine Clare
Cooper, Francis Middlesex
              Sarah Ditto
              Francis Ditto
              Sarah Ditto
              William Ditto
              Harriet Ditto
Corbett, Laurence Clare
              Mary Ditto
Corbett, Ellen Ditto
Corbett, Laurence Ditto
Coughlan, John Ditto
Coughlan, Patrick Clare
Crowley ?, Thomas Dublin
Cusack, Eleanor Clare
Cusack, Henry  Ditto
Darcy, Patrick Tipperary
            James Ditto
Daun (?), James Ditto
Davoren, Michael Clare
                Catherine Ditto
Davoren, Joan Ditto
                Thomas Ditto
Dick, Thomas Stirling
Donaldson, John Clackmanan
Donohue, John Clare
Enfield, Michael Tipperary
             Anne Ditto
             William Ditto
             George Ditto
             William Ditto
             George Ditto
             Susan Ditto
Flaherty, Sarah King’s County
Flaherty, Bernard Ditto
Flynn, Michael Kilkenny
Fogarty, James Tipperary
Foley, Patrick Clare
Fockett, William Surrey
Frayne, Mary Dublin
Free?  , Bridget Clare
             Bridget Ditto
Fudge, Robert Devonshire
Fudge, ? Devonshire
Gaffeney, John Lancashire
                Bridget Ditto
                Mary Ditto
Gallaher, Thomas Tipperary
Galligan, James Cavan
Galvin, John Limerick
             Ellen Ditto
Garvey, Patrick Clare
Gillday ?, Thomas Mayo
Gill, Rebecca Wicklow
Gilmore, Henry T. Middlesex
Gorman, Alice Tipperary
Gorman, Ellen Ditto
Gorman, John Ditto
                Thomas Ditto
Goulstein, Rebecca Middlesex
Goulston, Jacob Ditto
                 Kaufmann Ditto
Hall, Cornelius Limerick
         Humphrey Ditto
Halloran, Fanny Dublin
Harrahan, Patrick Kerry
Harrington, George Surrey
Harrington, Ellen Surrey
Healy, Mary Kilkenny
Heathcote, Ellen Lancashire
                  James Ditto
                  Amelia Ditto
                  Ellen Ditto
Hickey, Bridget Kildare
Hughan (?), Elizabeth Monaghan
Hurley, James Clare
            Margaret Clare
            Patrick Ditto
Julian, Catherine Kilkenny
Kebblewhite, William Middlesex
Kennedy, Ellen Limerick
                Mary Ditto
                Ann Ditto
Kennedy, Michael Dublin
                Joseph Tipperary
Kelly, John King’s County
Kerr, Walter Surrey
Kimmage, John Kildare
Kirby, Ann Tipperary
Kirkpatrick, Francis Antrim
Kirkpatrick, Fanny Antrim
Laird, James Renfrew
Lane, David Middlesex
           L? Ditto
           Joseph Ditto
Larkin, John Clare
Law, Hannah M. Middlesex
         Hannah M. Ditto
          Elizabeth Ditto
McCabe, Ellen ? Kilkenny 
McCutcheon, Rebecca Tyrone
                       Mary Ditto
McCutcheon, John Ditto
McGrath, Daniel Cork
McLachlan, Duncan Argyle
                    Duncan Ditto
                    Angus Ditto
McMahon, William Limerick
Mag?, Thomas Donegal
Maher, Daniel Tipperary
Mully ? Sarah Fermanagh
M..?  John Glen?
Mully, Sarah Fermanagh 
Manning, John Gloucester
Manning  John Ditto
              Fanny Ditto
              William Ditto
              Hannah Ditto
Meredith, Thomas Middlesex
                 Mary A. Ditto
Meredith, ? Ditto
Murin, Ellen Wexford
Minogue, Patrick Galway
                Darby Ditto
Monks, Thomas Dublin
Much, John Cheshire
            Ellen Ditto
            Alice Ditto
  Joseph Ditto
O’Brien, James Clare
             Honora Ditto
O’Brien, Ellen Tipperary
              Mary Clare
              Jane Ditto
              Margaret Ditto
O’Brien, Patrick Ditto
              John Ditto
               William Ditto
O’Leary, Anne Clare
Pollin ?, Daniel Down
Proctor, William Galway
               ? Ditto
Proctor, Mary J. Ditto
             Kate Ditto
Purcell, Catherine Kildare
Purden, William Clare
Redford, John Middlesex
               Mary Ditto
               John Ditto
               ? Ditto
               Ann Ditto
Regan, Dennis 
Ring, Ellen Cork
Roberta, William Lancashire
      Ellen Ditto
                William H. Ditto
Ryan, Thomas Tipperary
           John Ditto
            William Ditto
Ryan, Martin Clare
Sanders, Margaret Kerry
Savage, Samuel Bucks
Scanlon, Brian Kerry
Scanlon, Honora Kerry
Scanlon, Thomas Kerry
                Mary Ditto
Stewart, Herbert H. Lanark
Sullivan, Timothy Waterford
Syme, Agnes Perth
Syme, John Ditto
Syme, John Perth
            Isabella Ditto
            isabella Ditto
Tramer, ? Monaghan
Toohy, Catherine Limerick
Wallace Wallace, Mary Cork
Whale, William Durham
Williams, Ann Galway
Whit worth, or Whitforth, Joseph Surrey
Young, James  Middlesex
             John Ditto

Do leave a comment if you find any of your ancestors in this list.. it's always good to know that someone has been found.


  1. I claim this Catherine Considine !! My verification is incomplete but I'm hopeful this is my GGG Grandmother (maternal line).

  2. How I hope it is, please let me know if you confirm it.. Love your name by the way..
    Thanks for commenting.

  3. Thank you for posting the passenger list of the Golconda. There are 2 passengers with the surname of BROOK, Henry and Susannah from Sussex. The surname should be BROOKER. These are my Great-great-grandparents.

    1. I'm so pleased to read that you found them on the list. Unfortunately, mistakes often occur, it depends on what the person writing the list heard or interpreted the name to be. It's important to not give up, to keep trying alternate names...as you have just proven. Thank you for your comment.


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