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 courtesy of AMW

The indenture paper above was typical of those issued to all who were indentured/ assigned to various landowners or sometimes businesses. To be 'released' this way, the convicts had to show they were well behaved, willing to work and could be trusted. Of course, not all lasted the time they were allotted, but many did, often going on to stay with their particular employer even when they were given their tickets of leave, certificates of freedom, conditional releases or pardons, as discussed in earlier posts in this series.

I couldn't resist adding the item below, as a sample of what records are being digitised.. this is just an indent list, but what treasures will we have access to in the near future..
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Sample of what's available in 'Sentenced beyond the seas' - a project to digitise and index Australia's early convict records.

Charles Coleman   Maidenstone Kent      7th July   1788     seven years 
Henry Sayers         Lancaster, Lancaster 26 March  1787     fourteen years
William Aspinall   Lancaster      "           26 March 1787      fourteen years
William Barnes      Lancaster      "          18th August 1788   seven years
John Bradburn       "                    "           24 March 1788        "
Mary Chadderton   "                    "           "                              "       
William Jenkins    Monmouth, Monmouth 26th March 1787 "
James Morgan        "                    "              26th July 1787     "
Margaret Jones      Old Bailey Middlesex   9th September 1789 Life
Edward Harrington Thetford, Norfolk       22nd March 1787  fourteen years
William Hanson     Norwich, Norfolk        30 July 1787          seven years
Edmund Tricken      "              "                   "                            "
John Dease            King's Lyn (?)   "        11 August 1787       "
Mary Frost            Thetford, Norfolk        19 March 1789        "
Peter Gillies ak James Taglish ak Newcastle  Northumberland 4th Aug 1787  seven years
                                                      upon Tyne  
John Totts                                       "                  "                        "                          "
Paul Hufton                 Nottingham            26 July 1787           seven years        
John Hanley ak William Bentley Peterborough Northampton 22nd April 1789 fourteen years

There was a lot of time taken with preparing assignment papers and notices, the lists were published in the press at the time as well as posted outside police 'posts'.  Initially, convicts had to have a separate copy of their papers, each time they had a new assignment.  This was slowing the whole process down, so a change was made. 
Instead, convicts were issued with passes that had to shown to each person they were assigned to, so as to prove who they were.

New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 - 1900), Wednesday 11 April 1832 (No.6) 

National Library of Australia http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article230388207

They had the name and a description of the convict and were often signed by the police in the district that they had left as well as the one they went to.
This one was for Edward Evans.. 

Courtesy of National Museum of Australia

Those convicts who were well behaved and good workers were often assigned to farmers or those in need of reliable labour, with the full agreement of the authorities, providing their passes were signed by the local police.

New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 - 1900), Wednesday 2 May 1832 (No.9) 


New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 - 1900), Wednesday 30 May 1832 (No.13)


It was not only the male convicts that were assigned to work in other areas. The Female Factory was a great source of labour, but it seems this wasn't without problems... I wonder if the threat of a fine, for returning the women before one month, was effective... after all 40/- (40 shillings) was quite a sum of money back then. 

The government was saving itself money as the employer was responsible for all costs for the women while they were with them.

An interesting edict appeared in the press in 1832..

New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 - 1900), Wednesday 13 June 1832 (No.15) 

National Library of Australia

and continued at 

New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 - 1900), Wednesday 20 June 1832 (No.16) 



This is just the first page of the list... it is far too large to post in detail, but you will be able to find the lists by using the information above... I haven't found the reason why they were all to be returned, perhaps for a muster or just to be able to give others positions. I'd love to know how many were missing, there were sure to be some.
These notices appeared on a regular basis.

This pass is for Thomas Simms, 
a one day pass for a convict of good behaviour, who was allowed to visit his friends. It is great to see just how many of these documents have survived.

Courtesy of the National Museum of Australia.

Return of Female Convicts Assigned to Settlers and Other Persons

New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 - 1900), Wednesday 11 July 1832 (No.19) 

National Library of Australia       http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article230388737

 Page 1/(177)  

Pages 177-181 inclusive

As there aren't as many listings of female convicts as there are of men, I have included a partial transcript of the relevant pages below. I found it interesting to see just what kind of work they were assigned to do.

1. AUSTIN ELLEN, Kains, house ser-
vant, to Mrs. Suttor, Baulkham Hills.
2. Austin Elizabeth, Competitor, house servant,
to William Rossiter, Elizabeth-street, Sydney.
3. Armstrong Margaret, Palambam, laundress,
to Edmond Burke, Kent street, Sydney.
4. Anderson Catherine, Asia, all work, to
Elizabeth Grimstone, George-street, Sydney.
5. Allen Mary, Sovereign, all work, to James
Whigham, 41, Sussex street, Sydney
6. Allen Judith, City Edinburgh, laundress,
to Thomas Fitzgerald, Pitt-street, Sydney
7. Allen Mary A., Asia, laundress, to Robert
Lowe, J.P. Bringelly.
8. Ahern Catherine, City Edinburgh, all work,
to Villiers Pearce, Bathurst.
9. Armstrong Ann, Hooghley, house servant,
to Wm. Hutchinson, George street, Sydney.
10. Allen Margaret, Earl Liverpool, cook, &c.
to William Ogilvie, Merton, Hunter's River.
11. Allen Ann, Kains, laundress, to Female
Orphan Institution, Parramatta
12. BLACKWOOD ELIZA, Rosslyn Castle,
wash, &c. to John Horsley, Liverpool
13. Barker Mary, Sovereign, all work, to Henry
Thacher, 37, Phillip-street, Sydney
14. Byrne Elizabeth, Elizabeth (4), all work,
to Catharine Doran, Pennant Hills
15. Byrne Mary, Palambam, all work, to Eliza-
beth Small, Kissing Point
16. Brown Johanna, Princess Royal, house maid,
to R. Brooks, Denham Court
17. Boulter Susannah, Earl Liverpool, house ser-
vant, to Clement Gold, Brickfield-hill, Sydney
18. Bannister Harriet, Princess Royal, house
servant, to Charles Marsden, South Creek
19. Brett Sarah, Rosslyn Castle, house servant,
to Richard Jones, M.C. Sydney
20. Boyle Betty, City Edinburgh, dairy woman,
to John Lacey, Parramatta
21. Boyle Ann, Asia, house maid, to Anna M.
Vine, Kirkham
22. Brien Mary, City Edinburgh, all work, to
Thomas Dargen, Windsor
23. Barry Catherine, Asia, house servant, to
John West, Bathurst
24. Butler Bridget, Kains, wash and all work,
to Robert Johnson, Annandale
25. Boden Alice, Competitor, wash and iron, to
S. M. Ward, 47, Upper Pitt-street, Sydney
26. Britton Matilda, Earl Liverpool, nurse and
wash, to Ann Stubbs, Port Stephens
27. Brown Sarah, Louisa, cook, to Female Or-
phan Institution, Parramatta
28. Bowick Sarah, Lucy Davidson, needle wo-
man, to M. A. Carne, Appin
29. Burke Penelope, Almorah, laundress, to
William Ogilvie, Merton, Hunter's River
30. Brennan Isabella, Harmony, laundress, to
George Morris, George-street, Sydney
31. Bannister Harriet, Princess Royal, house
servant, to Mrs. Barnes, Parramatta
32. Betts Eliza, Sovereign, house servant, to
Robert Lethbridge, Prospect
33. Brabbin Ann, Sovereign, nurse, to Bridget
Cooper, Liverpool-road, Irish Town
34. Birmingham Julia, Forth, wash and iron,
to Elizabeth Weavers, Sydney
35. Bronoban Mary, Hooghley, dairy woman,
to Mary Keldriff, Windsor
36. Beckley Ann, Earl Liverpool, wash, and
iron, to N. L. Kentish, Parramatta
37. Butterworth Ann, Harmony, milk, &c. to
J. Armstrong ,Wilberforce
38. Brien Betty, Princess Royal, wash, &c. to
J. M'Loughlin, York-street, Sydney
39. Bedford Margaret, Hooghley, laundress, to
Bridget Kennedy, Liverpool-street, Sydney
40. Barnet Ann, Janus, general servant, to
Joseph Farres, Windmill-street, Sydney
41. Brien Rose, Asia, wash, &c, to John Bar-
ter, Argyle-street, Sydney
42. Brien Mary, City Edinburgh, all work, to
Thomas Salter, Pitt-street, Sydney
43. Byrne Mary, Palambam, laundress, to John
Atkinson, Wilberforce
44. Barry Mary, Brothers, house servant, to
Hercules Watts, 57, Phillip-street, Sydney
45. CHARLES ANN, Sovereign, house maid,
to James Laidley, Woolloomoolloo, Sydney
46. Connolly Catherine, Hooghley, laundress,
to H. H. Howell, Castlereagh-street, Sydney
47. Carr Mary, Asia, house maid, to William
Todhunter, Bent-street, Sydney
48. Connors Bridget, Hooghley, needle woman,
to Rev. J. Vincent, Upper Pitt-street, Sydney
49. Carr Jane, Lord Wellington, laundress, to
Cyrus M'Doyle, Hawkesbury
50. Cassidy Sophia, Forth, house maid, to Jas.
Pearson, 84, Pitt-street, Sydney
51. Corrigan Bridget, Forth, house servant, to
Roger Murphy, Liverpool-street, Sydney
52. Corley Ann, Kains, all work, to Foord Bay-
liss, 23, Phillip-street, Sydney
53. Cotterill Elizabeth, Lucy Davidson, wash,
&c. to A. Foss, 18, Pitt-street, Sydney
54. Connellan Mary, Hooghley, all work, to
William M'Canna, Kent-street, Sydney
55. Carroll Ann, Louisa, laundress, to Mrs.
Blaxland, Newington
56. Cusack Bridget, City Edinburgh, house
servant, to Mary Harmer, near Toll Gate,
57. Canty Mary, Earl Liverpool, house servant,
to Bridget Kenneally, Sussex-street, Sydney
58. Connolly Margaret, Hooghley, all work, to
Robert Eagling, Hunter-street, Sydney
59. Connors Bridget, Elizabeth, house servant,
to John Palmer, Parramatta
60. Campbell Margaret, Lady Rowena, washer-
woman, to Sarah Galvin, Upper Minto
61. Collins Catherine, Forth, all work, to Tho-
mas Hammond, Campbelltown
62. Coffin Margaret, Princess Royal, house-
maid, to Mrs. Mitchell, Woolloomoolloo
63. Cahill Ann, Palambam, house servant, to
George Brown, Illawarra
64. Corrigan Eliza, Asia, country servant, to
Thomas Eather, Richmond
65. Carrol Mary, Edward, country work, to Wil-
liam Smith, Cornwallis.
66. Carty Caroline, Rosslyn Castle, wet nurse,
to John Langdon, George-street, Sydney
67. Carrol Margaret, Palambam, house servant,
to John Street, Bathurst
68. Carty Dorothy, Edward, house servant, to
Francis Little, Hunter's River
69. Carlisle Sarah, Asia, house servant, to James
Curry, Military Barracks, Sydney
70. Coote Catherine, Palambam, house servant,
to Peter Hanslow, 44, Clarence-street, Sydney
71. Connell Ellen, Edward, house servant, to 
Mary Callaghan, Castlereagh-street, Sydney 
72. Carrol Jane, Hooghley, laundress, to Mary 
Reynolds, Pitt-street, Sydney 
73. Collins Margaret, Grenada, all work, to 
Samuel Hill, Parramatta 
74. Clifford Bridget, Hooghley, house servant, 
to J. Blaxland, Newington 
75. Campbell Mary, Brothers, laundress, to 
Jane Eliza Wylde, Cabramatta 
76. Curven Ellen, Competitor, laundress, to 
to Male Orpan Institution, Liverpool 
77. Callaghan Fanny, Sovereign, house servant, 
to John Hillas, jun., Argyle 
78. Curley Margaret, Forth, house servant, to 
Villiers Pearce, Bathurst 
79. Cook Ann, Palambam, housemaid, to A. K. 
Mackenzie, Bathurst 
80. Coyle Catherine, Hooghley, housemaid, to 
Samuel Clift, Maitland 
81. Collins Mary, Princess Royal, housemaid, 
to Denis Hasset, George-street, Sydney 
82. Carrol Hester, Forth, general servant, to 
Thomas Petty, 18, Hunter-street, Sydney 
83. Cragie Ann, Earl Liverpool, house servant, 
to E. M. Redmond, Brickfield Hill, Sydney 
84. Cotter Ann, Lady Rowena, laundress, to 
Sergeant Martin, 17th Regiment, Barracks, 
85. Carrol Ann, Louisa, laundress, to William 
Shelley, Parramatta 
86. Campbell Mary, Brothers, all work, to Wil- 
liam Dean, Melville 
87. Cleft Sarah, Kains, laundress, to W. H. 
Hovell, Narrellan 
88. Corcoran Mary, Hooghley, house servant, 
to Thomas Lynch, Wilberforce 
89. Cross Sarah, Lucy Davidson, cook, to Female 
Orphan Institution, Parramatta 
90. Carty Bridget, Forth, all work, to John 
Howe, Burra Burra, Argyle 
91. Connor Ann, Asia, laundress, to Henry 
Howell, Castlereagh-street, Sydney 
92. Carroll Jane, Hooghley, wash, &c. to Henry 
Ashley, Hunter-street, Sydney 
93. Coridon Joanna, Hooghley, house servant, 
to L. Ralph, 119, Pitt-street, Sydney 
94. Conroy Jane, Forth, laundress, to William 
Hayes, Eastern Creek, Melville 
95. Cassidy Sophia, Forth, general servant, to 
John M'Loughlin, 17, York-street, Sydney 
96. Crosby Mary, Asia, house servant, to 
Timothy Foley, Castlereagh-street, Sydney 
97. Clancey Bridget, Hooghley, all work, to 
David Ruxton, 9, Cumberland-street, Sydney 
98. DELANEY MARY, Brothers, house ser- 
vant, to William Kearns, Lower Minto 
99. Dillon Mary, Hooghley, all work, to H. C. 
Scarman, Lieutenant 39th Regiment, Phillip- 
street, Sydney 
100. Donovan Margaret, Hooghley, wash, &c. 
to Thomas Browne, 8, Erskine-street, Sydney 
101. Doyle Mary, Asia, all work, to Susannah 
Cave, George-street, Sydney 
102., Downes Margaret,. Elizabeth, house ser- 
vant, to Hannah Cooper, Park-street, Sydney 
103. Davies Elizabeth, Harmony, all work, to 
T. N. Cape, Kent-street, Sydney 
104. Dwyer Ellen, Sovereign, laundress, to 
Ann Hughes, Liverpool 
105. Dowling Charlotte, Kains, all work, to 
Charles Harper, 37, Upper Pitt-street, Syd- 
106. Dardis Mary, Forth, all work, to William 
Long, Commercial Tavern, Sydney 
107. Darcey Mary, Asia, housemaid, to Thomas 
Agars, Kent-street, Sydney 
108. Delaney Ann, Brothers, housemaid, to 
James Raymond (Postmaster), Sydney 
109. Downey Mary, Brothers, housemaid, to C. 
O'Brien, lllawarra 
110. Downer Augusta, Competitor, housemaid, 
to Sarah Harvey, Parramatta 
111. Doyle Margaret, Palambam, wash, &c. to 
Jane Fisher, Prince-street, Sydney 
112. Doran Mary, Forth, cook, to P. McPher- 
son, Captain 17th Regiment, Sydney 
113. Driscoll Ellen, Edward, nurse maid, to P. 
M'Pherson, Captain 17th Regiment, Sydney 
114. Dixon Margaret, Palambam, house servant, 
to Mary A. Smedly, Macquarie-street, Sydney 
115. Donohoe Catherine, Princess Royal, house 
servant, to Michael M'Cormick, Castlereagh- 
street, Sydney 
116. Delaney Mary, Brothers, to wind bobbins, 
to William Smith, Parramatta 
117. Darby Ann, City of Edinburgh, laundress, 
to Andrew Nash, Parramatta 
118. Darney Mary, Hooghley, housemaid, to 
Henry Hewitt, Maitland 
119. Denis Louisa, Rosslyn Castle, laun- 
dress, to the Rev. F. Wilkinson, Hambledon 
120. Dowling Charlotte, Kains, nurse, to 
Richard Watts, Richmond 
121. Dyson Margaret, Kains, house servant, 
to Hannah Buckel, 42, Prince-street, Syd- 
122. Dillon Ann, Forth, house servant, to 
Austin M'Ginty, Kent-street, Sydney 
123. Delaney Mary, Brothers, house servant, 
to Richard Guise, Bywong, Argyle 
124. Doyle Margaret, Palambam, general 
servant, to the Rev. J. Vincent, Upper Pitt- 
street, Sydney 
125. EAGAN MARY, Lucy Davidson, 
wash, &c. to William Pawley, 50, Castle- 
reagh-street, Sydney 
126. Emmerson Mary, Elizabeth, all work, to 
Mrs. Russell, Elizabeth-street, Sydney 
127. FREEMAN MARGARET Asia, wash, 
&c. to Richard Rouse, Rouse Hill 
128. Foster Ann, Rosslyn Castle, cook and 
wash, to J. E. Ebsworth, Port Stephens 
129. Foley Mary, Hooghley, laundress, to 
John M. Weiss, King-street, Sydney 
130. Fogarty Ann, Edward, house servant, to 
Henry Marr, Castlereagh-street, Sydney 
131. Freer Catherine, Mary Ann, house ser- 
vant, to Edward Flood, George-street, Syd- 
132. Field Catherine, Brothers, house ser- 
vant, to Joseph Orton, Prince-street, Sydney 
133. Fitzsimons Margaret, Palambam, all 
work, to Elizabeth Mayo, Newcastle 
134. Frazer Ann, Brothers, house servant, to 
Edward G. Cory, Paterson's River 
135. Fitzgerald Catherine, Hooghley, servant, 
and house servant, to Elizabeth Underwood, 
Ashfield Park 
136. Flaherty Margaret, Asia, all work, to 
Ann Leary, Kent-street, Sydney 
137. Fergusson Ann, Asia, house servant, to 
Mary A. Rochford, Burn Farm, Sydney 
138. Flaherty Mary, Asia, house servant, to 
the Rev. F. Wilkinson, Hambledon 
139. Field Catherine, Brothers, house ser- 
vant, to Caroline Jackson, Liverpool Road 
140. Foy Mary, Palambam, house servant, to 
George Morris, George-street, Sydney 
141. Fencane Bridget, Edward, house ser- 
vant, to Thomas Slaytor, Goulburn-street, Syd 
142. Featherstone Bridget, Forth, all work, 
to W. H. Warland, Page's River, County 
143. Flaherty Mary, Asia, all work, to Cyrus 
M. Doyle, Hawkesbury 
144. Flood Catherine, Forth, laundress, to 
Margaret Connors, Breakfast Creek 
146. Freeman Margaret, Asia, house servant, 
to Joshua Holt, George-street, Sydney 
146. Fitzgerald Mary, Sovereign, laundress, 
to John Maher, Clarence-street, Sydney 
147. Fox Mary, Hooghley, all work, to Mrs. 
Blaxland, Newington 
148. Finn Johanna, Edward, all work, to 
Richard Townsend, York-street, Sydney 
149. Foley Mary, Hooghley, laundress, to 
John Maher, Clarence-street, Sydney 
150. GIBSON ELIZABETH, Asia, laun- 
dress, to Thomas Evernden, Bathurst 
151. Green Alice, Kains, cook, milk, and 
sew, to Joshua Thorp, Sydney 
152. Greg Ann, Lucy Davidson, house ser- 
vant, to William Hobby, Nepean 
153. Garvey Mary, Elizabeth, all work, to 
Ann Shepherd, Market-street, Sydney 
154. Golding Eliza, Hooghley, all work, to 
Caleb Salter, Argyle-street, Sydney 
155. Gleeson Mary, Asia, all work, to Sophia 
J. Doyle, Lower Portland Head 
156. Gratton Ann, Harmony, all work, to 
William Jones, Darling Harbour, Sydney 
157. Garvey Mary, Elizabeth, all work, to 
John McLoughlin, 17, Market-street, Sydney 
158. Gill Ann, Rosslyn Castle, house servant, 
to James Tod Goodsir, Woolloomoolloo, Syd 
159. Gorman Margaret, Earl Liverpool, house 
servant, to Elizabeth Kearns, Upper Minto 
160. Gunn Janet, Earl Liverpool, house ser- 
vant, to Thomas Connor, 19, Cambridge 
street, Sydney 
161. Guilfoile Honora, Hooghley, all work, to 
Caleb Salter, Argyle-street, Sydney 
162. Green Rosana, Lucy Davidson, all work, 
to Charlotte Chadburn, 3, Denmark Place, 
163. Gilligan Eliza, Hooghley, washer, to 
Henry Howell, Castlereagh-street, Sydney 
164. Garvey Mary, Elizabeth, cook and milk, 
to Edward Joseph Keith, Race Course, Syd 
165. Gray Jean, Earl Liverpool, cook, &c. 
to H. C. Antill, Stone Quarry 
166. Garver Norah, Earl Liverpool, all work, 
to Sarah M'Guigan, George-street, Sydney 
167. Gorman Catherine, Sovereign, wet nurse, 
to Henry Shadforth, Parramatta 
168. Geary Ellen, Asia, all work, to George 
Loder, Windsor 
169. Green Ann, Rosslyn Castle, general ser- 
vant, to Captain Edwards, 17th Regiment, 
170. Grayson Margaret, Princess Charlotte, 
all work, to Mary Jones, 29, Kent-street, 
171. Green Margaret, Asia, all work, to 
Cordelia Suttor, Bathurst 
172. Goulding Eliza, Hooghley, house maid, 
to Margaret Booty, 11, Kent-street, Sydney 
173. Gordon Elizabeth, Earl Liverpool, all 
work, to William Roberts, Pitt-street, Syd 
174. Gunn Janet, Earl Liverpool, house ser- 
vant, to Patrick Leary, Liverpool-street, 
1175. Griffin Mary, Elizabeth, all work, Char- 
lotte Gibbons, Liverpool-street, Sydney 
176. Guilfoile Honora, Hooghley, all work, 
to Frances Brown, Chisholm's Cottage, Syd- 
177. Gilligan Mary, Palambam, laundress, to 
George Graham, Campbelltown 
178. Gorman Elizabeth, Asia, house servant, 
to Christopher Flynn, 2, George-street, Syd- 
179. Green Eliza, Earl Liverpool, house servant, 
to Patrick Conlon, Clarence-street, Sydney 
180. HOLDEN SARAH, Kains, wash and 
iron, to Edward W. Bayliss, 22, Phillip 
street, Sydney 
181. Harrison, Esther, Louisa, house servant, to 
Edward Joseph Keith, Pitt-street, Sydney 
182. Harris Eliza, Kains, needlewoman, to Ann 
Alderson, 2, King-street, Sydney 
183. Holmes Jane, Kains, all work, to Thomas 
May (wheelwright), Sydney 
184. Heley Mary, Hooghley, needlewoman, to 
Mary Reynolds, Pitt-street, Sydney 
185. Handlin Margaret, Kains, all work, to 
Jane Bemi, Prince-street, Sydney 
186. Hynes Jane, Palambam, wash, &c. to Rev. 
J. Vincent, Upper Pitt-street, Sydney 
187. Hoane Maria, Edward, milk, &c. to David 
Foley, Pittwater 
188. Higgins Eliza, Forth, all work, to Alex- 
ander Martin, 21, Elizabeth-street, Sydney 
189. Hamilton Ann, Kains, housemaid, to J. E. 
Manning, Ultimo, Sydney 
190. Healey Maria, Kains, nursery maid, to 
Martha G. Smith, Castlereagh-street, Sydney 
191. Hynes Julia, Palambam, house servant, to 
Elizabeth Kearns, Upper Minto 
192. Hughes Mary, Harmony, house servant, to 
Margaret Woodhead, 12, Kent-street, Sydney 
193. Harris Eliza, Kains, all work, to John 
Maher, Clarence-street, Sydney 
194. Henderson Margaret, Lucy Davidson, all 
work, to Edward Churchill, Portland Head 
195. Healey Mary, Hooghley, needlewoman, to 
Ann Campbell, Glebe Land, Liverpool Road 
196. Hill Margaret, Asia, laundress, to Chris 
topher M'Guire, Woolloomoolloo 
197. Handlin Margaret, Kains, wash and iron, 
to George Milner Slade, Elizabeth-street, 
198. Hynes Julia, Palambam, all work, to Jo- 
seph Myers, Crosby, Prospect 
199. Hanley Teresa, Elizabeth, all work, to 
James Pearson, Pitt-street, Sydney 
200. Hanratty Ellen, Edward, laundress, to 
J. K. M'Dougall, Baulkham Hills 
201. Holmes Jane, Kains, all work, to William 
Moffitt, 8, King-street, Sydney 
202. Halfpenny Margaret, Palambam, all work, 
to Peter Webster, Hunter-street, Sydney 
203. Hughes Mary, Harmony, house servant, to 
Mary Leburn, George-street, Sydney 
204. Handlin Margaret, Kains, wash, &c. to 
John Kellick, Phillip-street, Sydney 
205. Hawkins Frances, Kains, all work, to John 
Morris, Market Wharf, Sydney 
206. Hell Margaret, Asia, house servant, to 
Elizabeth Shelley, Parramatta 
207. Healey Maria, Kains, needle and nurse, to 
Captain M'Pherson, 17th Regt. Sydney 
208. Healey Mary, Competitor, house servant, 
to Thomas Byrne, Upper Pitt street, Sydney 
209. JONES SARAH, Kains, nurse maid, to 
H. C. Antill, Stonequarry 
210. Jones Elizabeth, Princess Royal, house 
maid, to Maria Dowling, Woollomoolloo 
211. Jenkins Margaret, Sovereign, wash, &c. to 
John Terry, Box Hill 
212. Irwin Margaret, Asia, all work, to Mar- 
garet Boyd, Cambridge-street, Sydney 
213. Jarvis Ann, Competitor, house servant, to 
Rev. F. Wilkinson, Hambledon 
214. Jones Ann,Kains, house servant, to George 
Edwards, Brisbane Water 
215. James Mary, Hooghley, house servant, to 
to William Ogilvie, Hunter's River 
216. Irwin Susan, Hooghley, house servant, to 
Sarah Colls, Banks' Town 
217. Jackson Margaret, Grenada, all work, to 
Walter Rotton, Maitland 
218. Johnson Ellen, Edward, wash, &c. to John 
Wells, George-street, Sydney 
219. Jones Ann, Lucy Davidson, house servant, 
to John Nobbs, Surry Hills, Sydney 
220. Jaffray Ellen, Earl Liverpool, wash,&c. to 
Joseph Thompson, Prince-street, Sydney 
221. Johnson Bridget, Elizabeth, all work, to 
John Smith, 45, Upper Pitt-street, Sydney 
222. Jeffries Margaret, Hooghley, house ser- 
vant, to John Leak, Castlereagh-street, Syd- 
223. Jaffray Helen, Earl Liverpool, house ser- 
vant, to John James, Elizabeth-street, Sydney 
224. KING SUSANNAH, Princess Royal, 
house servant, to S. S. Simpson, Castlereagh- 
street, Sydney 
225. Kieley Margaret, Edward, general servant, 
to John Cooper, Liverpool Road 
226. Kevin Mary, Hooghley, nurse, to Male 
Orphan Institution, Liverpool 
227. King Jane, Rosslyn Castle, all work, wash, 
to Mrs. Faithfull, Richmond 
228. Kelly Bridget, Forth, all work, to James 
Pearson, Pitt-street, Sydney, 
229. Keefe Mary, Brothers, all work, to Job 
Handley, Liverpool-street, Sydney 
230. Kean Martha, Earl Liverpool, all work, to 
Rev. J. Orton, Sydney 
231. Kelly Mary, Palambam, washerwoman, to 
John Rotton, Upper Pitt street, Sydney 
232. Kelly Mary, Hooghley, laundress, to Eli- 
zabeth Kelly, Cumberland-street, Sydney 
233. Keefe Honora, Lady Rowena, house ser- 
vant, to George Tafe, Illawarra 
234. Keating Ellen, Hooghley, all work, to M. 
B. Browne, Windsor 
235. Kelly Mary, Hooghley, all work, to Jona- 
than Hassall, South Creek 
236. Kirkpatrick Eliza, Asia, laundress, to P. 
N, Anley, Maitland 
237. Kean Margaret, Earl Liverpool, wash, &c. 
to George Acres, Heywood 
238. Kelly Margaret, Rosslyn Castle, all work, 
to Maria Moses, Castlereagh-street, Sydney 
239. Kelly Mary, Earl Liverpool, wash and 
iron, to W. George Barker, Botany Road, 
240. Kelly Margaret, Asia, laundress, to H. 
Howell, Castlereagh-street, Sydney 
241. King Mary, Kains, house servant, to H. 
Blaxland, Newington 
242. Keen Catherine, Lucy Davidson, house 
servant, to George Windham, Dalwood, Hun- 
ter's River 
243. Kelly Jane, Asia, cook, to John Buckland, 
244. Lonan Catherine, Forth, laundress, to E. 
Lockyer, Erminton, Kissing Point 
245. Lunn Margaret, Princess Charlotte, needle- 
woman, to John Boilean, Kent-street, Sydney 
246. Latham Martha, Earl Liverpool, all work, 
to William Butt, 68 Cumberland-street, Sydney 
247. Levy Ann, Mary Ann, house servant, to 
Francis Mowatt, Narrellan 
248. Laffen Catherine, Forth, all work, to Robert 
Cooper, jun. George-street, Sydney 
249. Lloyd Ann, Rosslyn Castle, laundress, to Sarah 
Cooper, George-street, Sydney 
250. Leopard Charlotte, Grenada, all work, to 
Henry Thatcher, 37 Phillip-street, Sydney 
251. Lennon Bridget, City Edinburgh, general 
servant, to Peter Stuckey, Yass Plains 
252. Lang Mary, Elizabeth, house servant, to 
George Walpole, Windsor 
253. Larther Harriet, Louisa, laundress, to Ensign 
Farmer, 39th Regt. Sydney 
254. Lee Mary, Mary, all work, to A. M. Kentish, 
255. Lyons Margaret, Princess Royal, all work, to 
Mary Raine, Parramatta 
256. Lynch Catherine, Hooghley, all work, to 
Edward Lakeman, Parramatta 
257. Ludlow Sarah, Grenada, house maid, to Robert 
Campbell, Bligh-street, Sydney 
258. Lahiff Eliza, Forth, house maid, to B. 
M'Loughlin, Market-house, Sydney 
259. MURPHY MARY, Kains, all work, to James 
Warman, Field of Mars 
260. Mac O'Brien Ann, Asia, wash, &c. to Mary 
Burcher, Liverpool 
261. M'Evoy Ellen, Asia, house servant, to S. M. 
Burrows, Kent-street, Sydney 
262. M'Donald Jane, Earl Liverpool, laundress, to 
John Tyre, Liverpool-street, Sydney 
263. Mortimore Charlotte, Asia, nurse, to William 
Thompson, Goulburn-street, Sydney 
264. Montague Eliza, Kains, house servant, to 
Michael M'Quade, Windsor 
265. M'Anally Mary, Palambam, laundress, to 
George Sippe, George-street Sydney 
266. Maloney Mary, Hooghley, all work, to John 
Wheeler, Phillip-street, Sydney 
267. M'Carty Ellen, City Edinburgh, house servant, 
to Margaret M'Loughlin, Market-house Sydney 
268. Malone Mary, Forth, all work, to Joseph 
Jackson, Castlereagh-street, Sydney 
269. Maloney Mary, Palambam, house maid, to 
Robert Campbell, Bligh-street, Sydney 
270. Mara Margaret, City Edinburgh, servant, to 
Mary Green, Parramatta 
271. M'Cormack Catherine, Asia, laundress, to Mrs. 
C. Palmer, Parramatta 
272. Murphy Judith, Asia, laundress, to Jane 
Bateman, Parramatta 
273. M'Canna Bridget, Asia, house servant, to Dr 
Kenny, Campbelitown 
274. Marshall Margaret, Lucy Davidson, house 
servant, to John Wild, Cawdor 
275. Means Mary, Asia, wash, &c. to Jonn Burrows 
276. M'Mahon Sarah, Hooghley, all work, to Mary, 
Piper, Erskine-street, Sydney 
277. Murray Ellen, Princess Charlotte, all work, to 
Cornelius Prout, Elizabeth-street, Sydney 
278. Maloney Mary, Palambam, washerwoman, to 
Robert Gooch, Parramatta 
279. McArdell Bridget, Brothers, wash, &c. to 
Pierce Colletts, Mount York 
280. Madden Sarah, Asia, all work, to Mary Lark- 
ham, Sydney 
281, McGragh Honora, Lucy Davidson, laundress, to 
George Weller, Cleveland-house, Sydney 
282. Mitchell Mary, Morley, laundress, to M. 
Napthali (Publican), Sydney 
283. Mullens Ann, Forth, house servant, to Daniel 
Donohoe, Cleavelands, Sydney 
284. McGrath, Mary, Hooghley, house servant, to 
George Acres, Heywood, 
285. Moody Ann, Asia, house servant, to W. H. 
Hovell , Narrellan 
286. Murphy Margaret, Hooghley, dairy maid, to 
John Warby, Campbelltown 
287. Meehan Mary, Hooghley, house servant, to 
Anna M. O'Reilley, 36, Upper Pitt-street Sydney 
288. McCray, Jane, Hooghley, house servant, to 
James Brown Glebe Cottage, Sydney 
289. McCarthy Mary, Hooghley, house servant, to 
James Foulcher, Parramatta 
290. McDonough Catherine, Hooghley, all work, to 
Sophia Higgins, Dog and Duck, Sydney 
291. Mullens Honora, Asia, wash, &c, to Jemima 
Egar, Macquarie-street, Sydney 
292. Madden Sarah, Asia, all work, to Benjamin 
Bedford, Pitt-street, Sydney 
293. Mahony Margaret, City Edinburgh, washer- 
woman, to James Watsford, Parramatta 
294. Metcalf Martha, Rosslyn Castle, house servant, 
to Rev. R. Cartwright, Liverpool 
295. Mead Ellen, Hooghley, all work, to E. S. 
Hall (Monitor Office), Sydney 
296. M'Pherson, Mary, Kains, all work, to Francis 
Little, Hunter's River 
297. M'Mullens Eliza, Edward, needlewoman, to 
Stephen Greenhill, Elizabeth-street, Sydney 
298. M'Farlane Catherine, Earl Liverpool, laundress, 
to John Piper, Bathurst 
299. Mullen Ann, Forth, nurse, to Joseph Wagdon, 
Baulkham Hills 
300. McAndrew Margaret, Earl Liverpool, needle 
woman, to Mary Davies, 97, Kent-street, Sydney 
301. M'Ardell Bridget, Brothers, laundress, to John 
Blaxland, Newington 
302. M'Carthy Ellen, City of Edinburgh, all work, 
to Mary Davies, Yass Plains 
303. M'Grath Honora, Elizabeth, all work, to Mary 
Dung, Pitt-street, Sydney 
304. M'Allister, Rose, Louisa, all work, to Susan- 
nah Williams, Castlereagh-street, Sydney 
305. M'Cormack Mary, Elizabeth, house servant 
to Susannah M'Manus, Parramatta 
$06. Mullens Bridget, Rosslyn Castle, house servant, 
to William Love, Concord 
307. Malowney Mary, Palambam, all work, to 
Mary Wiseman, Wolombi 
308. Mullen Ann, Forth, house servant, to Catherine 
Cooper, Brisbane Distillery, Sydney 
309. Meaher Mary, Asia, washerwoman, to Charles 
Thompson, South Creek 
310. Martin Elizabeth, Palambam, house maid to 
John Clayton, Kent-street, Sydney 
311. M'Guire Catherine, Hooghley, house maid, to 
Thomas Henry Hart, Pitt-street, Sydney 
312. Murray Ellen, Lady Rowena, wash, &c. to 
John Goldsmith, Sussex-street, Sydney 
313. Masterson Margaret, Palambam, all work, to 
Hannah Cooper, Park-street, Sydney 
314. Murray Margaret, Brothers, House servant, to 
Daniel Sweeney, Pitt-street, Sydney 
315. McEvoy Mary, Palambam, laundress, to H. 
Macarthur, Parramatta 
316. McGregor, Sarah, Kains, house servant, to 
Robert Lowe, Bringelly 
317. Matthews Mary, Palambam, laundress, to 
Eliza Hayes, 48, Clarence-street, Sydney 
313. Mayes Catherine, Kains, house servant, to 
Frances Pass, 71, George-street, Sydney 
319. M'Allister, Ellen, Palambam, all work, to 
Susannah Williams, Upper Castlereagh-street, 
320. Molloy Bridget, Almorah, house servant, to 
George Watkins, 104 Pitt-street, Sydney, 
321. Murphy Margaret, Asia, house servant, to 
Maria Hensley, George-street, Sydney 
322. M'Mahon Sarah, Hooghley, laundress, to 
James Whittaker, King and George-street, Sydney 
323. Mills Mary, Hooghley, all work, to Charles 
Chadburn, George-street, Sydney 
324. Massy Sarah, Palambam, house servant, to 
Sarah McCooey, Mulgoa 
325. Murphy Margaret, Hooghley, all work, to 
Hannah Appleton, George-street, Sydney 
326. M'Gobrick Mary, Forth, house servant, to 
Isaac Moore, Gloster-street, Sydney 
327. Mills Mary, Asia, all work, to Mary Gorman, 
Prince-street, Sydney 
328. Moore Martha, Pyramus, all work, to William 
Wynn, Clarence-street, Sydney 
329. M'Judeny Bridget, Elizabeth, house servant, 
to Thomas Brown, Sydney. 
Female Factory, Parramatta, 
6th June, 1832. 
Principal Superintendent of Convicts, 
(To be continued.) 

This list is concluded at http://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/230388757/12475370 

with a further 5 pages.

 There were quite a number of such lists in the gazettes.

You will even find that there lists of Convict Boys... those under the age of 17. It is surprising the number of children that were transported. You can't help but wonder if they were all abandoned or did they have families wondering just whatever happened to their children.. At least if the edict pronounced by the Colonial Secretary was followed, these boys would have had a chance to learn to read and write, and have religious instruction.. most likely not something that would have happened in their previous life.

 They were assigned in the same way that the men were, except that they were strictly forbidden to be kept out of the Sydney area, so as not to mix with those who could have lead them even more astray.

New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 - 1900), Wednesday 20 March 1833 (No.55) 


In 1833, the situation of the Female Factory at Parramatta was listed as follows...
New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 - 1900), Wednesday 12 June 1833 (No.67), page 220 http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article230390351

This series concludes for now. I hope you have learnt that there is so much available via TROVE and the Government Gazettes, covering whatever particular interest you have in convicts or that era. 

The Penitentiary Port Arthur 
courtesy of Pixabay
You may search by... 
the name of the convict 
the ship they arrived on 
the year 
their trade (often they continued in the trade that they had before sentencing)
tickets of leave
certificates of freedom
conditional release
female convicts
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children transported...
... the options are almost endless.

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