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Have you lost an ancestor? 
Then just maybe, you might find them in Missing Friends, 
which was a regular section in the local press in the early settlement. People went missing for various reasons, some intentional, some not. There are sad tales of having been to war and not being able to settle back into domestic life. Others were ill. some were running from the law, so many sad tales.
This page will be added to regularly and won't differentiate between nationalities, male/female, intentional disappearance 
or not.  If your ancestor was Irish and not in these posts, you may find them on my Irish blog, AS THEY WERE 
Feel free to tell us about any you find in the Comments below.

These items all come from TROVE and are easy to trace if you wish to see the original. Just use the URL before the clipping.
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THE ARGUS Melbourne 29 Sep 1896


Bartholomew O'Callaghan has been missing from the St. Vincent's Hospital, Victoria-parade, since the 23rd inst., and his friends are anxious respecting his welfare,because he was suffering from an injury to
the head when he escaped from the hospital. He is 33 years of age, 6ft. 2in. in height, of slight build, with broad stooping shoulders, sallow complexion, brown hair, moustache and side whiskers. Any information concerning him should be given to the police, or left for his friends at the St. Vincent's Hospital.


ADVOCATE Melbourne  Sat 10 Nov 1906

O'GORMAN - If John O'GORMAN, who left Wando Station, Western District, Victoria, on or about 1871, will communicate with T. E. C.Henry, Portland, Victoria, he will hear of something to his advantage.


ADVOCATE Melbourne 31 Oct 1908

DOUGHERTY.—Catherine Dougherty, of 1218 Spruce-street, Philadelphia, U.S.A., is anxious to hear the whereabouts of her brother, William, a native of Hilly Gordon, County Donegal, Ireland. He is a
carpenter by trade, and some years ago resided at the Sphinx Hotel, Melbourne, which was then kept by the Misses Devine.  He came to Victoria with his brother (now deceased) in 1863. Information
may be sent direct to his sister or to this office.



The appended list of enquiries for friends supposed to be in Australasia appears in "Lloyd's News" of 8th March:—
Billings, William, went to Australia 35 years ago; last heard of on visit to Cornwall four years ago; is believed to have returned to Australia. Sister Selina asks.
Brundritt. Alfred, left England for Australia 35 years ago. Cousin John asks.
Corbett, John James and Rose, were last heard of Charters Towers, Queensland, four years ago. Aunt asks.
Donegan. Kate (nee Spicely), was last heard of Western Australia 16 years ago. Sister Maria asks.
Goldsmith, George and Claude. were living Cowper street, Waverley. N.S.W.. 1912. Niece asks.
Goodwin, William Thomas, was last heard of nine years ago from Pleasant Creek, Victoria. Mother asks.
Green, Mark, was employed on a sheep run at Charters Towers. Queensland, three years ago. Cousin Tess asks.
Partridge, Walter George, last wrote from Sydney 1906. Mother asks.
Purser, William, went to Australia with wife and family and was last heard of Lapstone Hill, Sydney, 1886. Niece Martha asks.
Tinning, William, late of Sandford Road, Catford, last wrote from Sydney 16 months ago. Parents ask.
Vincent, Frederick, late R.N., and afterwards Metropolitan Fire Brigade, was last seen 1897; then thought of going to Australia. Sister Kate asks.
Whale, Charles, last heard of New South Wales 1916. Is sought by daughter Elizabeth.


"Lloyd's News" of 5th April publishes the appended list of enquiries for friends supposed to be in Australasia.--
Bridger (James) left England for New Zealand 45 years ago. Niece Fanny asks.
Clack (Mark), also known as William Walker, was last heard of South Africa after Boer war, may have gone to Australia. Brother Alban asks.
Coe (Arthur), a master mariner, was living Te Kapa, Mahurange Heads, near Auckland N.Z., 1895 Brothers Charles and William asks.
Collins (Jane). left England and went to Brisbane with her husband 38 years ago. Daughter asks.
Davenport (Conway), was employed by a firm of wholesale jewellers, Dunedin New Zealand, when last heard of 5½ years ago Sister Mary asks.
Death (Thomas and Eliza) farmers and bee-keepers, were living at Upper Rangitikie. New Zealand, 1873. Nephew Thomas asks.
Dollimore (William). left Marsworth, Heris. 1887; last heard of Bowen. Queensland, 1889. Father and brother ask.
Hadaway (John Stephen and Walter Albert, were last heard of Mount Morgan.
Australia. 1901. Parents ask.
Hammond (Henry Walter), was last heard of Invercargill, New Zealand, 1912. Brother Ernest Henry asks.
Hazell (Frederick John), a chauffeur, was last heard of Maretino. Victoria, Australia, 1912. Mother asks.
Larkin (John and Mary), left Edgware with three daughters and two sons for Sydney 34 years ago and have not since been heard of. Daughter Mary asks.
Mackenzie (Hugh Baxter), was employed in an hotel Sydney when last heard of two years ago. Mother asks.
Orr (James), formerly a ship's cook, went to Australia nine years ago. Sister asks.
Parsons (Benjamin), was last heard of Tasmania 10 years ago. Father and sister Annie ask.
Phillips (Samuel) left Camberwell Green for New Zealand 50 years ago. Nephew Jack asks.
Reynolds (William). late R.N., left Coxwell street, Cirencester, 30 years ago. and is thought to have gone to Australia. Brother asks.
Senitle (James  William) left Bury, 1902. last wrote from Brisbane 1911. Mother asks.
Selth Rose A. S. Ross. Chicago, would be glad to hear from her sister, Rose Amelia Selth. who left Putney for New Zealand, and brothers. William and Alfred Selth, last heard of 30 years ago.
Smith M. Jennings, Capetown, would be glad to hear from her sister Blanche Ida Smith, nee Stratford, last heard of Perth, Western Australia, nine years ago.
Smith (William James), last heard of Adelaide 12 months ago, is sought by brother-in-law King.
Wood (Stanley Ernest), a steward, was last heard of when he was paid off at his own request.Wellington, New Zealand, 1912. Father asks.

THE HERALD Melbourne 22 May 1914

Information relating to any of the following missing persons should be addressed to 
Messrs Lloyd and Company, Lloyd's Corner. Swanston and Collins streets. Melbourne.
Correspondents should send a short skeleton pedigree, showing how they claim to be 
related to the person named in the list. A stamp for reply should be enclosed.
ADAMS, William John, left Armagh for Australia, 40 years ago; last heard of in New 
South Wales.
ADAMSON, Mr and Mrs George, formerly of Forfar, arrived Geelong 68 years ago.
AHRBECKER, Conrad Vandepole, late of Mort's Dock. Sydney (brothers and sisters of)
AMISS, William, formerly of Norwich, who emigrated to Australia.
BARKER. Janet, late of Bridgwater (Victoria) deceased (next of kin.)
BARRY, Garrett Edmund, late ot Tanaml.
BYRNE, James. Patrick, formerly of Manutuke, Glsborne, N.Z.
CAMERON, Donald, formerly of Ballarat, who emigrated to Australia between 1840 and
1850, and who was a son of Ewen Cameron of Fort William, Scotland.
CARROLL, John, who arrived in West Australia 17 years ago.
CHAPPLE, Richard late of Leongatha.
COLLINGS, Mary Ann, at Maldon, Vic., 1854, or representatives to claim over £1000.
CONNLE, John, who left South Australia for West Australia, 17 years ago.
COOK. John, son of John, of Hesley Morland, Westmoreland, who emigrated to Aus
tralia about I860, or hls heir at law.
COUTTS, James, who lived in South Australla between 1845 and I860, and who owned
land In Sturt street, Adelaide, and at Yorke's Peninsula. 
CUTHBERT, Janet or Jane, nee Harvie, formerly of Dunedln.
DELANEY, William, formerly of Nunawading, Victoria. 
DENEBY, John, Newmarket, Co. Cork, for Australia, about 1862
FINDLAY, Robert Moore Steven, supposed to be a native of Warrnambool.
FISHER, William, who emigrated in I877 and was employed by the Melbourne Omnibus Co., 
and afterwards a coachman at Toorak. ,
GALLAND, John, who resided at Brunswick 11 years ago.
GREGORY, John, formerly of Rlchmond (Vic.)
HANLEY, Patrick, son of John, of Leongatha (widow of).
HARDING, George Edward Stocker, of Mortlake. N.S.W., deceased (next of kin).
HECKSHCHER, Carl Peter Edmund, late of South Australia, to claim £1000.
HILL, Samuel David, at Wellington, N.Z. 1898
HIPPlSLEY, Charles Ernest, formerly employed by Messrs Robert Reid and Co., and
Messrs Sands and M'Dougal, Melbourne, and lived at Rochester Lodge, Collins place, Melbourne, 
or his next of kin, to claim £17,000.
HODGE, Robert, formerly of Liverpool, and lived in Victoria, 1889.
HYNES, James and Michael, left Ballyhehan, Clare, for Australia, about 40 years ago.
JACKSON, William James, late ot Claremont and Albany, W.A.
JENKINS Edward Nash, who in 1875 resided at 29 Haymarket. London, when he emigrated to 
and settled in N.Z. (children or descendants of). 
JOHNSON, John, late a barman at Kalgoorlie, formerly a farmer at Pengelly.
LARKIN, John .J.. formerly of Phillipstown, King's Co., who emigrated to Australia.
LITTLEHALES, Robert, son of John, and who was last heard of in N.Z.
McFETTERIDGE, miner, late of Coolgardie and York.

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