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The 'Holmsdale' at Port Augusta [PRG 1373/2/2] • Photograph #

The last convict ship, the Hougoumont, had arrived in Western Australia in January, 1868. 

In all, around 168,000 convicted felons were transported to Australia. Though New South Wales and Tasmania, then known as Van Diemen's Land, had long ago stopped accepting convicts, Western Australia accepted them up until 1868 to add to their labour force.

Eleven years on ... below is the Passenger List for the Holmsdale* voyage from Plymouth to Adelaide, arriving March 29, 1879..

This is just one voyage by one ship... the Holmsdale...this time to South Australia..but immigration was very much in the news as the colonies over Australia were growing in this great new land. So many opportunities for a new life ...

South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900), Thursday 22 May 1879, page 1

The following is a complete list of the emigrants on board the Holmsdale, which sailed from Plymouth on March 29: — 
Families — 
Callaghan : Andrew 40, Honora 41 ; 
Crapp : William 27, Grace 32, John 2; 
Curnon: Thomas 37, Annie 34, Thomas 8, Isaac 6, Annie 5, John 4, Amelia 2 ; 
Dale : George 44, Mary A. 43, Minnie 11; 
Dewar: Andrew 49, Elizabeth 47, Septimus 10, Richard 7, Alexander 2 ; 
Dicker : John 39, Elizabeth 39, Emma J. 11, Frederick O. 8, Mary M. 6, Amy J. 3, John 1 ; 
Eason : George 22, Harriet 21, Samuel 1 ; 
Grant : Henry 40, Catherine 38, Catherine 10, Charles 5, Margaret 1; 
Grealy: Patrick 28, Margaret 19 ; 
Hawkes : Thomas 25, Mariana 27, Matilda 5; 
Hennessy: John 29, Margaret 24, Patrick 2, Catherine 1 
Hyland : James 26, Ann 24 ; 
Layton : Ernest 41, Margaret 40, Sarah 11, Maud 6 : 
Layden : John 24, Mary 22 ; 
McGuire: Daniel 48, Margaret 30; 
McCarney: Patrick 45, Bridget 45; 
Nankervis: John 31, Mary J. 30, Emily 9, Francis 6, John 4 ; 
Oliver : Joseph 33, Hannah 34, John 11, Annie 8, Jane 6, Joseph 3 ; 
Onsley : Joseph 37, Anne 38 ; 
O'Dea : John 33, Catherine 30, Mary 11, Catherine 9, Cornelius 7, Margaret 4; 
O'Leary: James 32, Catherine 29, Thomas 10, Mary 6, Ellen 3, Kate 1 ; 
O'Neill : Terence 65, Ellen 62 ; 
Quinn : Henry 26, Mary 28 ; 
Ryan : Hugh 45, Bessy 40, Kate 10, John 8; 
Singleton: Phillip 39, Hannah 38, Kate 10, Ellen 8, Honora 3 ; 
Thomas : William 40, Catherine 30, Anne 8, William 5, Hannah 2; 
Tredren: Richard 23, Ann 26, Thomas J. 4, Anne 2 : 
Walsh : Patrick 39, Bridget 37, James 9, Rosie 6, Maggie 4, Mary K. 2 ; 
Warman : William 24, Emma 24 ; 
Wright : Thomas 24, Kate 22, John 4, Mary 2, Bridget 1. 

Single Men.— Boland : Patrick 17, David 20; Burke, James 21 ; Burns, Patrick 15 ; Callaghan: Michael 24, John 18, Andrew 20; Callaghan, Timothy 18 ; Cane, John 22 ; Carroll, Michael 21; Caston, Horace 15; Cavan, Michael 21; Cavanagh : James 40, Patrick 25, John 17 : Clarke, Michael 22 ; Cleary, Martin 18 ; Clifford : Patrick 22. Daniel 21 ; Connolly, Michael 33 ; Conroy : Thomas 29, Patrick 27 ; Considine, Michael 22 ; Cooney : Andrew 24, Philip 21 ; Corbett, Jeremiah 20; Coughlin, James 20; Coughlin, James, 22 ; Crowley, Charles 15 ; Callinan, : Daniel 22; Curry, John 18; Curtin, James 19 ; Davoran, Thomas 22 ; Dewar, Thomas 17 ; Dewar : Andrew 21, James 19 : Dillon, John 26; Doherty, Thomas 25; Doody, John 23; Duggan: Cornelius 20, Daniel 17, Denis 20; Fahy, Patrick 24 ; Fahy, Patrick 20 ; Fitzgibbon, John 22; Fogarty, John 26; Fogerty, Michael 20; Fox: Owen 17, Pat. 15; Freeman, George 58; Gallivan, Richard 22; Gibbs, Arthur 23; Grant, Frank 17 ; Guerin: Martin 16, Thomas 13 ; Haire, Patrick 17 ; Halloran, Michael 18 ; Hamilton, John 20; Hawke, Edward 22; Healy, Daniel 18; Hickey, Henry 19; Hooban, Peter 21; Kanes, Joseph 35; Keighery, John 20; Kerins, James 17 ; Killeen : Edward 22, John 20; Killeen: Thady 27, Edward 26; Leonard, Thomas 21 ; Lord : Alfred 17, Robert 24 ; Lynch, Patrick 21 ; Lyons, Timothy 21 ; McCarney, Patrick 17; McCarthy, Timothy 23 ; McGrath, James 27 ; McMahon : John 21, Bernard 18 ; McMahon, Michael 27; Madden, Patrick 30; Malone, James 23; Malony, Thomas 24; Morhon, (?) Michael 21; Mullane, John 24, Cornelius 16; Mulloy, Michael 22; Nankervis, William 12; Neagle: Patrick 19, Michael 17 ; O'Callaghan, Cornelius 19 ; O'Connor, John 28; O'Keefe: Peter 23, John 20; O'Leary, Patt 21 ; Oliver : William 17, James 14 ; O'Neill, Thomas 22 ; Onsley : Frederick 16, William 13; Pilkington, Michael 18; Rock, Andrew 21 ; Roughan : William 26, John 24, Michael 22, James 20; Ryan, Patrick 23; Saunders : Thomas 40, John 25, Joe 13; Scanlon, Denis 20 ; Scanlon, Michael 27 ; Scannell, John 21; Scorer, George 22; Shea, Daniel 22; Shea, Daniel 19; Singleton: Patrick 20, Jeremiah 15; Small, Henry 20; Sullivan, Daniel 26; Sullivan, Denis 21 : Thomas, John 12 ; Walsh : John 16, Patrick 12; Walsh, Martin 21 ; Welsh, Edmund 14. 

Single Women— Aherne, Cath. 27 ; Askeson, Daphney 27 ; Bonnell, Margaret 20 ; Bradbury, Anne 15 ; Brook : Sarah 27, Emma 21 ; Burke, Catherine 24; Burne, Ellen 39; Callaghan, Honora 18 ; Callaghan, Margaret 18 ; Callaghan, Nano 20 : Cameron, Mary 18; Carlyle, Jeannie 18 ; Cavanagh Margaret 20, Annie 18 ; Clarke, Annie 18; Clark, Mary 19; Cleary : Margaret 20, Mary 16; Clifford, Ellen 24; Cocker, Jane A. 22; Coghlan: Annie 28, William 4, Walter 1 ; Coieman, Augusta 16; Connelly, Maggie 19; Corley, Maria A. 22; Coughlin, Cath. 22; Crowley, Ellen 16 ; Crowley, Julia 20 ; Crowley, Margt. 19 ; Culver, Julia 19 ; Curtis, Mary 14 ; Dale, Charlotte 17 ; Daley, Bridget 18 ; Davidson : Elizabeth 26, James 4, Elizabeth 1 ; Davorec. Anne 17 ; Dewar, Elizabeth 14 ; Dillon, Annie 17; Dillon, Margaret 50; Dodgson, Blanche 30 ; Eustice : Margaret 18, Honora 20; Fahy: Margaret 20, Annviah 17: Faby, Julia 20; Farnsworth, Alice, 15 ; Flanaghan, Mary 19 ; Freeman, Emma 15 ; Gardner, Elizabeth 17 ; Garbey, Mary 18; Gibbins, Mary A. 33 ; Green , Margaret 20; Guerin: Ellen 38, Mary 11, William 8; Halloran: Margaret 21, Mary 16, Bridget 20; Harris, Agnes 17; Hayes: Mary 19, Ellen 17; Hennessy : Mary 20, Ellen 19 ; House, Martha 21; Hughes, Kate 26; Hunter, Mary 31; Hynes: Bridget 19, Margaret 13 ; Iwin, Mary J. 24 ; Jackson, Elizabeth A. 23 ; Kenny, Margaret 27 ; Kerin Bridget 20 ; Kilkelly, Annie 20 ; Killeen : Mary 18, Bridget 17; Kirk, Susannah 23; Lawson, Jane 21; Layton: Elizabeth 15, Theresa 13 : Leahy, Mary 20 ; Lose, Charlotte M. A. 20; McCabe, Anne 22; McCabe, Mary 20; McCarney, Margaret 16; McCarthy, Mary 20; McCarthy, Rebecca l8; McClintock: Annie 30, Alexander 9, Charlotte 7 ; McNamara, Catherine 23 ; McNamara, Margaret 17 ; Madden, Ellen 37 : Markham, Bridget 18 ; Markham, Bridget 17; Martin, Kate 27 ; Mason, Jane 30; Maloney, Catherine 18; Moore, Agnes 30; Moore, Louisa 26; Mulvihill, Mary 18; Neagle: Honora 40, Ellen 15, Owen 8, Richard 5; Nelson : Ellen 24, Emily 19; Nestor, Catherine 25 ; Noble, Jemima 19; O'Brien: Mary 21, Susan 22; O'Connor: Catherine 19, Honora 50; O'Keefe, Bridget 18; O'Leary, Margaret 12 ; Pierce, Mary 13 ; Piper : Johanna 28, Albert 6, Emil 4 ; Powell : Jane A. 18, Kate 16,  Mary A. 18 ; Priddle. Phillas 19; Pullen, Emily 18 ; Purdy, Mary A. 25 ; Read, Isabella 30; Rebbeck, Caroline 17: Reddin, Mary 21; Robinson, Charlotte 18 ; Rock : Annie 18, Mary 16 ; Rummery, Charlotte 21 ; Sannders : Bridget 22, Ann 15, Margaret 18, Mary 14; Scanlon, Bridget 22 ; Scannell : Kate 23, Hannah 19 ; Leeker, Elizabeth 17 ; Siems, Jessie 17 ; Sinclair, Anna 23 ; Snook, Mary J. 35 ; Stedman, Minnie 20; Sweeney, Kate 22; Taylor: Annie 22, Phoebe 17; Thompson, Agnes 50; Tomilty: Anne 20, Mary 19 ; Tomkinson, Jane 18 ; Walsh, Anna M. 14 ; Welsh, Mary 16.

National Library of Australia    http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article42978287

You can read more about the journeys of the Holmsdale here
 For other passenger lists, visit here

South Australia in 1879...
Evening Journal 26 Feb 1879





Immigration was the topic of conversation over other states as well as South Australia in 1879...some seems similar to today's news, other comments wouldn't be accepted today. We have to look at these items as they were in a different era...

Western Australia 

IMMIGRATION.       The Herald (Fremantle, WA : 1867 - 1886) Saturday 17 May 1879 p 1



Dalby Herald and Western Queensland Advertiser (Qld. : 1866 - 1879) Saturday 22 March 1879 p 2

New South Wales


Illustrated Sydney News and New South Wales Agriculturalist and Grazier (NSW : 1872 - 1881) Saturday 12 July 1879 p 19 



The Mercury (Hobart, Tas. : 1860 - 1954) Tuesday 25 March 1879 p 2 



The Herald (Melbourne, Vic. : 1861 - 1954) Friday 4 April 1879 p 3

Northern Territory

TELEGRAMS. (From our own Correspondent.) ADELAIDE, Oct. 31.

Northern Territory Times and Gazette (Darwin, NT : 1873 - 1927) Saturday 1 November 1879 p 2 

There are numerous passenger lists available, some on TROVE, many available through the State archives of each State.

Here are a few to get you started...

National Archives




British Passenger List Recordswww.theshipslist.com/Research/ukrecords.shtml

Passengers Lists - Maritime Archiveswww.maritimearchives.co.uk/passenger-lists.html

Passenger Lists (Immigration) (Emigration) (including Scotland and ...https://www.genguide.co.uk/source/passenger-lists-immigration-emigration.../83/

Free Ships' Passenger Lists to USA, Canada, England, Australiahttps://www.olivetreegenealogy.com/ships/

Australia, Victoria, Inward Passenger Lists, 1839-1923 - FamilySearchhttps://www.familysearch.org/search/collection/2778600

Passenger records and immigration | PROVhttps://prov.vic.gov.au/explore-collection/explore.../passenger-records-and-immigrati...

Migration Records - Irish Genealogyhttps://www.irishgenealogy.ie/en/irish-records-what-is-available/migration-records

Ships Passenger Lists to Australia and New Zealand 1800-1850https://www.olivetreegenealogy.com/ships/toausp02.shtml

# Courtesy of the State Library of South Australia.. no known copyright  PUBLIC DOMAIN
Image approx. 1875

Wooden ship 'Holmsdale', 1250 tons, at Port Augusta [wooden ship 1257 gross tons. ON 31590. 206.8 x 37.7 x 22.4. Built 1858, J Reed, Sunderland. Owners Phillips and Co. registered London. c.1872 Bilbe and Co. who placed the ship under the management of Anderson, Anderson and Co., and she operated as a unit in the Orient Line. The ship ultimately passed to the ownership of Anderson, Anderson and Co. Sold to Norwegian owners she went missing in 1897. Originally employed in the India and China trades, upon sale to Bilbe and operating as an Orient liner she commenced in the Australian trade, her usual voyages being outward to South Australia and homeward from Melbourne. There is an abstract of her homeward log in 1883 in 'Blackwall Frigates'. In 'Colonial Clippers' there is a mention of her appearance in the Australian Wool Trade in various years, without much detail and 'Blackwall Frigates' gives some additional, sketchy information.].           State Library South Australia


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Images courtesy of Pixabay

We take for granted the relative ease of communication that we have today...not so back in 1849. It's hard to imagine that in January alone there were hundreds of unclaimed letters...  how many loved ones thought they were forgotten... or missed hearing family news, good or bad? Were there lost inheritances, unclaimed by the date required... were there newborns in the family, who were never acknowledged... were messages sent in the hope of having loved ones 'get home in time'... 

Then again, I guess some deliberately avoided collecting mail. That way they could say that they knew nothing of whatever was being sent to them... convenient at times.

These lists are interesting in so many ways... not just for finding a long searched for name, then wondering howe to trace it to a discovery, but for the very vague addresses..not many street numbers, often no streets... 

Some were sent to ships ..did Captain Alder of the brig "Julia Percy" ever get his mail I wonder. What about William Barnes, blacksmith... who was needing to contact him?

Maybe James Bradick, wheelwright of Glebe, never did get that order. Someone trying to contact E. Fanning, Esquire, music teacher, might never have found the right note...

Convicts had mail waiting, some with ticket of leave.. one man is listed as formerly of Dublin... there could have been quite a number that fitted that criteria.

In reality, even today, there is always quite a lot of undelivered mail for one reason and another. While researching, I have been able to trace my husband's great grandfather around NSW and Qld, but even that hasn't provided the answer as to where and when he died... I live in hope. 

Do let us know in comments if you can claim, or hope to, any of the people listed here. Maybe someone else is searching for the same person... and can fill in some gaps for you, which is the whole reason that I create these posts...

New South Wales Government Gazette (Sydney, NSW : 1832 - 1900), Friday 9 February 1849 (No.21  National Library of Australia  http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article230364437

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TROVE TUESDAY 2ND JULY, 2019 -- FIRST BOER WAR incl. Casualty List

First Contingent Boer War at wharf, Launceston     Access: Open Tasmania’s Online Collection


The first Boer War broke out on 16 December 1880 with a skirmish between the British garrison in Potchefstroom and a 'commando' under General Piet Cronj√©.

The First Boer War (AfrikaansEerste Vryheidsoorlog, literally "First Freedom War"), also known as the First Anglo-Boer War, the Transvaal War or the Transvaal Rebellion, was a war fought from 16 December 1880 until 23 March 1881 between the United Kingdom and the South African Republic (also known as the Transvaal; not to be confused with the modern-day Republic of South Africa).[1] The war resulted in defeat for the British and the second independence of the South African Republic.

 You can read the full article here

"The Boers' method of fighting" in The Illustrated London News, 1881

This article gives quite a summary of the history behind the war... however as it is 25 pages, it's just a little large to post in this article. You can read the rest of it by going here .

Macleay Chronicle (Kempsey, NSW : 1899 - 1952), Thursday 21 December 1899, page 1
National Library of Australia        http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article174024389
Please click to enlarge

Recruits signed up from all over Australia...and many families mourned their loved ones...
Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld. : 1872 - 1947), Friday 17 January 1879, page 3
National Library of Australia      http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article169502516
Please click to enlarge

The Maitland Weekly 4 Nov 1899

South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus (NSW : 1900 - 1954), Saturday 3 March 1900, page 7
National Library of Australia http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article142013728

First Contingent Boer War, "Moving off" on ship "Coogee"    Access: Open   Tasmania’s Online Collection

Not all news from the war was bad...

Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser (Qld. : 1861 - 1908), Thursday 12 April 1900,  National Library of Australia   http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article123268226

Commonwealth of Australia Gazette (National : 1901 - 1973), Tuesday 11 February 1902 (No.7), page 79   National Library of Australia http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article232347048

The Commonwealth Gazettes listed the appointments of Officers and Chaplains...

         The first group of Boer prisoners of war to be taken by the first Victorian Contingent to South Africa, gathered near the Cape Town docks. AWM

I daresay that the most read publications were those of the casualty lists... As with all wars, it would have been with very mixed feelings that these were looked at... wanting to know more about loved ones, but dreading seeing their names in the wrong columns.

Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), Monday 14 August 1916, page 10

192nd 1 LIST ISSUED.

The 192nd casualty list which was issued by the Defence department yesterday, Shows that 32 officers and 50 men had been 
wounded. Killed in action included eight officers and 36 men, while three officers and 74 men had died of wounds. Nine officers had been repotted missing. Five officers

and 63 men had returned to duty.
The details of the list are as follows:
ALLINGHAM, Cpl. F.C. Box Hill, 29/7/16.
COX, Pte. G.R. Kyabram, 20/7/16.
EDENBOROUGH, Bomb. F. East Brunswick, 23/7/16.
HORWOOD, Pte. C.H. Highton, 20/7/16. LAWSON, Gnr. C. F.J. Euroa. 20/7/16. LEWIS, Pte. H., East Caulfield, 20/7/16. LIGHT, Gnr. F., England, 23/7/16.
MCDONALD, Spr. J. Richmond, 21/7/16. WRIGLEY, 2nd-Lieut. T. H. Pakenham East, 20/7/16.
NEW SOUTH WALES. - Chaplain S. E. Maxted, Captains N. M. Pearce, C. B. Hopkins, H. Taylor, 
2nd-Lieut. C. A. Boone, T. P. Ahern, Sgt. H. J. H. Elliott, Cpl. C. Bourke, L. Cpl. J. D. Pope, Ptes. J. Murdiff, J. Boe, P. A. Woodward, J. A. Tardy, H. A. Neale, F. J. Toms, J. R. Griffiths, H. W. Smith, J. Studdert, A. Ryan, B. Leyshon, T. E. Gill, W. G. Bartlett, J. Bartels, A. Comport, W. Underhill, H. Maxim.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA. - Lieuts. T. P. Hagan, E. H. Chinner.
WESTERN AUSTRALIA. - Sgt. D. G. Coben, Cpl. H. Jones, Ptes. W. Organ, F. W. Potter, E. P. Godfrey,
T. L. Hickinbotham.
TASMANIA. - Gnr. F. M. Cook, Pte. E. V. Adams.
AITKEN, Pte. C. R. Kensington, 21/7/16.
BAKER. Pte. J. L. B. Willlimstown. 22/7/16. BARBER, Pte. W. F., Geelong, 19/7 /16. BEARD Pte. F. A., Fairbank, 30/7/16.
CONNOR Pte. A. A., Newtown, 30/7/16. DALY, Pte W.W. Ballarat, 22/7/16. DAVIES, Sgt. H. M. Fitzroy, 22/7/16.
FLYNN, Sgt. E. J., St. Kilda, 20/7 /16. GALBRAITH, Spr. A. G. F., Essendon. GILL, Pte. R., West Geelong.
GROOM, Pte. W. C, Collingwood.
HEGARTY, Cpl. A.. Port Melbourne, 21/7/16. JOHNSON, Pte. A, A. Camberwell, 20/7/16. KING, Pte. C. Loch Valley, 21/7/16. LOCH, Pte. A.,England, 21/7/16.
MADGWICK, Pte. H.W. Richmond, 20/7/16. MAXWELL, Pte. R., Ballarat East. McILROY Pte. R., Mornington, 21/7/16.
MOWBRAY, Pte. A. C. Port Melbourne, 31/7/16. RUSSELL, Pte. A. J. Leongatha, 21/7/16. STRACHAN. Sgt. A. Bendigo . 20/7/16.
TAPNER. 2nd Lieut. B. S . Clifton Hill, 29/7/10. WELLER. Cpl. F.N." Canterbury 21/7/16.
WARRINGTON, Pte. J. D. Armitage. 22/7/16. WHISTON, Pte. F. Coralynn, 21/7/16. WILCOX, Pte. A. F. Prahran.
WOODLAND, Pte. C. W., Orbost, 21/7/16.
NEW SOUTH WALES. - 2nd Lieut. W. J. Host, A. I. Denney, Sgt. A. R. L. Mansell, L-Cpl. R.E. Griffin, L. B. Murray. C. Artist. Gnr. R. J. Jackson, Ptes. H. T. S. Mitchell, W. B. Thurling, S. V. Telfer; W. C. Richards, A. M. Capper, T. J. Lawler, W.R. Larwson, W. M. West, A. E. Gordon, R.W. Bancroft, E Smith, C. Hull, W. Jarvis, T. C. Ferguson, T. Mackey, E. Ferris, C. J. Baxter, L. Henderson, E. Barker, J. Watt, N. Lonsdale,
C. Asmussen.
QUEENSLAND. - Cpl. A. Linton, Ptes. T. T. Morphew, O. A. Mackenzie, C. C. Anderson.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Ptes. A. G. McAskill, W. R. Moore, V. Wilson, W. Blann, E. A. Warner. P.E. Smith, A. S. R. J. Bellinger.
WESTERN AUSTRALIA. - Sgts. H. H. Bruce, F. A. Blythe, Ptes. W. D. Lumsden, W. H. McCormack.
TASMANIA. - Pte. J. K. Yakley.
REID, Sgt. C. J. Milawa 31/7/16.
STEVENS, A.-Cpl. L. England, 31/7/16.
NEW SOUTH WALES. Ptes. P. A. Holliday, R. Patmore
SOUTH AUSTRALIA Pte. T. F. Shepherd.
DIED (Cause Not Stated).
EMERY Pte. H. E. St. Kilda, 28/7/16. MOORE, Pte. J. Carlsrube. SHARP, Pte. J. Dixie. SIMPSON. Pte. J. J. Hawthorn, 21/7/16.
SPOONER, Pte. E. M. West Brunswick, 31/7/16.
NEW SOUTH WALES. - Ptes. R. Moore, W. F. Scott, T. Harrison.
QUEENSLAND. Ptes. - L. J. Gray, L. Anthony.
SOUTH AUSTRALIA. - Ptes. C. J. T. Woods, A. E. Clark.
NEW SOUTH WALES. - Pte. J. H. Croft.
MORTIMER, Capt. K. M., Leneva West. SCOTT, 2nd-Lieut. G. N. Kew.
SHERIDAN, Capt. T. F. South Yarrra.
NEW SOUTH WALES. - Major R. Harrison, Lieut. H.F. Briggs, 2nd Lieuts. H. R. Lovejoy, H. J. Hall, J. G. Strangman, R. D. Burns.
VICTORIA. DEAD, Pte. D. H. England. 
SOUTH AUSTRALIA. - Pte. A. E. McDonald. 
Ptes. C. A. GEORGE, Ascotvale; W. L. MACKENZIE, Moonee Ponds.
Pte. D. ARMSTRONG, Dandenong: F. MURRELLS, Deniliquin. N.S.W.: W. SKILTON, Sor-rento; W. T. THORN, East Brunswick.
Ptes. J. W. DAVIE, Seddon; R. FUTERIEAL, Casterton: N. H. HAMILTON, Menzies, W. A. Sgt. A. PENDER, Melbourne.
Pte. J. ALLISEY. Ballarat; Sgt. J. CADDY, North Carlton; Captain M. COATS, Footscray; Cpl. R. A. CURRY, England; Ptes. L. W. DUNK, Torrensvilllc, S.A.; E. GREEN, England: C. T. GROSS, Creswick; F. HANSEN, South Melbourne; Lieut. R. K. HIBBS, Caulfield; Ptes. C. P. HEN-I.EY, Malvern; W. O. HUGHES. Richmond; H. JEWEI.L. Warnambool; H. S. JONES. Tunstall; 2nd Lieut. A. E. KEYS. East Prahran; Pte N. LYONS, South Melhourne; Cpl. D. McDOUGALL, Glenferrie; Cpl. C. L. A. PARROTT, Geelong West; Pte. C. E. PERKINS. Lara Lake; Ptes. H. RICH-ARDSON. Abbotsford; L. P. ROGERS. Warragul; T. P. ROONEY. Northcote; J. A. C. RYALL, Ar-madale; J. SALT. England: K. J. SAVAGE, Barns-. dale; E. B. SCOtT, Brunswick; Captain W. SHARP, South Yarra; Ptes J. H. SHEEN, Newtown, Tas.; W. L. SMITH. Waterloo; G. T. SCOTT, Connewarre: J. W. SIMPER, Linton; R. F. SELLARS, Meredith; F. J. TALBOT, South Melbourne; C. G .THOMAS, Ballarat East; P. TREVILLIAN, Ascotvale; R. E. J. C. TORNEY, Swan Hill; G. R. WATKINS, Ballarat: H. WILSON, Petersham. N.S.W.; C. E. YOUNG. Armadale 
Cpl. It. E. R. ALEXANDER. West Brunswick; Pte«. H. H. ALDERMAN, Footscray: C. H. AN- DERSON, South Melbourne: A. J. AUSTIN, West Melbourne; L.-Sgt. J. K. AVERY, England; L.-Cpl. F. W. BAKER. Footscray; Cpl. S. BARR. Mirboo N.; Sgt. R. F. BARNES, St. Kilda; Pte R. M. BAR-RETT, Barwon Heads; L-Cpl. C. BAYLISS, Pres-ton; Ptes. D. BERNARD, Templestowe; S. L. BEYER, Brunswick; T. BOYLE, Kew; H. A. BOOTH, Footscray: A. R. BLADIN, Croydon; A. J. IIOTTOMLEY, Warnambool: L.-C'pl, P. BOURCHIER, Newport; Sgt. T. V. BROOKS, Moolap; Ptes. W. A. BRYAN. England. W. BURN. Ararat; Sgt. W. J. BUTLER, Glenferrie.
Captain A. R. CASWELL, Murgon, Q., Ptes. A. CHARTER. Woomelang; G. W. CLARKE, Merino; T. GLOUGH, England: G. COATES, Numurkah: T. J. COOK. Berriwillock; Lieut. V. J. G. COUTIE, Middle Park.
Pte. R. F. DACEY, East Malvern; L.-Cpl. L. DALGLEISH, Flemington; Ptes. D. DAVIE, Scotland.
J. H. EASSON, England; W. EDWARDS, Hawksdale; 2nd. Lieut. H. EGCINTON; Ballarat; A. E ELLERY, Footscray, G. V. EVANS, Abbotsford; SgL T. G. EVANS, Kew.
Ptes. D. FITlZGERALD, lona; L. FLEINER, Moreland; 2nd-Lieut. J. W. FORBES,'North Syd-ney, N.S.W.
Ptes. P. J. GALVIN, Maldon; G. COY, Ascotvale; W. J. GILBEE, Oakleigh.
Ptes. C. W. HARDY, England; S. HAMMETT, Preston; R. P. HENRY, Chilwell; E. R. HISKENS, Corowa, N.S.W.; C. P. HODGSON, Surrey Hills;
Cpl. C. A. HOY, St. Kilda.
Pte. G. C. JOHNSON. Callawadda.

Ptes. G. R. KIELLERUP, Malvern; E. G. KING, South Geelong; G. G. KING, Kew ; C. E. KITCHER, England; G. KLUG, Ballarat.
Dvr. A. LENEHAN, Cootamundra: 2nd Lieut. R. LEVI, Melbourne; Ptes. H. W. LONSTEAD, Dean: E W. F. I.0we, Casterton.
Pte. D. S. MAHER. Kew; E. MARTIN, England; Bombadier F. O. MATT. Balaclava; 2nd. Lieut. R.L. S. MURPHY. Elsternwick: Ptes. K. McDONALD, Costerfield: J, E. MYNOTT. West Brunswick; A. McPHEE. East Bunswick; M. McKENZIE, Buniningyong; H. McCOLL. Meredith; 2nd Lieut. D. A. McLEAN, Quambatook; Ptes. H. E. McFARLAND, Malvern; P. F. McLEAN. Charl-ton: Cpl. R. McGEORGE, Albert Park; Ptes. C. McCART, Leichhardt: A. McGLASHAN, Geelong.
Pte. R. O'KEEFE, South Geelong; 2nd Lieut, B. OLIVER. England-; Ptes. F. D. OLNEY, North Moriac; J. OULD, Fitzroy.
Ptes. S. G. PARKER, Dean Marsh: P. C. PATTIE, Geelong; T. G. PERHAM, West Brunswick; Sgt. C. R. PERSSON, Launceston. Tas.; Cpl. C. S. PURRVlS, Port Melbourne.
Ptes. F. W. RAND, Chilwell; W. J. RAWLINGS,
Rushworth; A. RENFREW Fitzroy: R. ROBIN-SON Alllan's Flat: Cpl V. Hill North Carlton

2nd Lieut S SAMUEL, North Melbourne; Ptes. G. W. SAULT, Casterton W. W. Seals, North Geelong: J. SEXTON Ireland: J. W. SHANAHAN Ireland: C. O. SIMPSON Flemington: C.F.G. SLAVIN Brunswick: L-Cpl W. SMITH Eng-land; Pte J STOKES, Chilwell: Sgt. A. STRACHAN, Bendigo: Ptes.J. SOUTHAM, Eng-land: T. SUTHERLAND Buninyong: W. SULLl-VAN North Deniliquin N S.W
Ptes R.O. TAYLOR Castlemaine: T. H. THOMAS Chewton: 2nd lieut J. R. THOMPSON Inglewood: Pte W. E. TIETJENS Carlton:
Ptes. C. A. WALKER Dlmboola: C. J. WELSH East Brunswick H.R. WHEELER England: R. W. WHITE East Melbourne : J. T WHISTON cora Lynn; E.C. WOOD Yarram: G WOODGER. Genoa River.
Gnr J. Angwin Ptes T. P Arnold, T.H. Andrews, H Beadle A.J. Black, J. Bryant, J. M. Brodin, Sgt A Carey Ptes R Cherry, H.F. Coleman: A Dangerfield, H. Dawbore, H. Dyring , Cpl L.C. Edwards, Ptes, E.
Freame, A.V Gordon, J. Gunn, Apy. E W Gutheridge, Pter. Harley, Cpt. R Henham, Ptes. D. W. Johnstone, R Julian, A.R. Leggo, Sgt D.R. Maddern, N.I.D. McCalman, J. S. McDonald, Capt. R.S. McLeish, Pte A. J. Macniff, C.C. Newry, C.R. O'Brien, L.T.O'Neill, R.G. Owens, L-Cpl R.M. Palmer, Ptes. F.E. Pastable, H.L. Peck, G. Proser, A. Sanderson, O. Scott, J.P. Smith, F. Sunderman, S. Ward, H Watson, Capt J.W. Wilkinson. 
A case in which the death of a soldier was reported in error has occurred. The soldier was Private C.E. Kirkness whose mother Mrs M Shepherd of 208 Bourke Rd, Camberwell, received offical intimation of his death early last week. On Thursday however, the Defence department intimatcd to her that the report was √≠ncorrect.
The Defence department asks Mrs. Jones formerly of Daley's Hill Fosterville Victoria to communicate with the officer in charge base records, Victoria Barracks Melbourne.
Sadness for many, relief for some...

Studio portrait of William Vandenbergh, who first served with A Squadron, 5th Battalion, Australian Commonwealth Horse (NSW) during the Boer War. During the First World War, too old for active service, he served as a guard at Holdsworthy Internment Camp. He is shown here in a First World War AIF service dress tunic, with ribbon bars representing his Boer War service. The photograph has been printed as a postcard, and was sent to his son Alfred who was serving at the time (1917) with the 14th Field Artillery Brigade in France (see P11414.002). William Vandenbergh was the first of four generations of his family to serve with Australia's military forces.      Copyright expired - public domain

A group of Mackay lads pose for a photograph as they leave as the first contingent from the region, for the Boer War.  SLQ

A Boer War funeral. From the collection of Lieutenant (Lt) Bertram Alexander Gordon Watts, 5th Victorian Mounted Rifles. Watts later served in the First World War, was awarded a DSO in 1916, and attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col), 4th Field Artillery Brigade. Lt Col Watts was killed in action on 10 April 1917.
Copyright expired - public domain

        Informal portrait of three nurses who accompanied the Second Contingent to the Boer War as members of the NSW Army Medical Corps. Matron E J (Nellie) Gould, Lady Superintendent of the first contingent of Australian military nurses to serve overseas, holds a nurse's chatelaine containing essential tools of the trade (left). Miss Penelope Frater (Sister), holding her Queen Victoria chocolate box, one of those issued to troops and nurses to celebrate the New Year of 1900 (centre). Miss Julia Bligh Johnston (Superintendent) (right), stands with a Rhodesian ridgeback dog named Buller, brought back from South Africa in 1902. Copyright expired - public domain

 There is so much more information available via TROVE which is where the majority of this was found. It is a war that lasted over a number of major skirmishes... First, Second and Third contingents, with several nations being involved...

"By 1902, the British had crushed the Boer resistance, and on May 31 of that year the Peace of Vereeniging was signed, ending hostilities."


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South African War.. https://www.britannica.com/event/South-African-War