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Have you ever been to a family reunion?

 As we are about to get together this coming weekend for a Swadling family reunion, I started wondering about how others celebrated their family reunions. 

 On 31st October, we were part of the Hobb's Family Reunion at Richmond, NSW. That was great fun as we celebrated the beginning of the Hobbs Heslin family in Australia, which began with Robert Hobbs being transported to Australia in 1791 on the "Active". Bridget Heslin/Eslin arrived in 1793, also with a free passage, but from Ireland on the "Sugar Cane".

They were married on October 30 1815, though they already had a family of nine. Maybe their 10th child, Sarah, born in 1815, was to celebrate their marriage...

It was great to meet up with cousins we knew and some that we knew only online.. and a few surprises with extended families coming. I grew up with lots of cousins, Uncles and Aunts around me, so always happy to add more cousins.

 I wondered how many others were happy to meet 'new' family...  or  to be reunited with loved ones...

Feel free to leave a comment about your family reunions...

 Do any of these names appear in your famiy tree?

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From 1903




Note error in article, should read 500, not 50..







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