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Allow me to introduce you to the former Dr. Frances Heaton.. sound familiar?  No?
 Perhaps you know her better by her married name, Mrs. Frances Norway... wife of an aeronautical engineer...still no?

 How about Mrs. Nevil Shute... yes, the wife of that Nevil Shute, author of so many well known Australian stories. His real name was Nevil Shute Norway...

In 1950, the aeronautical engineer turned author, decided to leave England for sunnier shores..

It didn't take him long to settle in, perhaps the lower tax rate made Australia seem even brighter. Our gain I would say...


         in the first sentence."

More about the lady behind the man...

Nevil Shute was quite prolific... and had become very popular... even the 
Australian Women's Weekly included serialisation of some of his stories.

You can read more about his life and books here...


Nevil_Shute Wikipedia

Borrow some here...   Open Library  borrow    https://openlibrary.org/authors/OL410117A/Nevil_Shute

and even download ebooks here...

http://www.ebooks-library.com/author.cfm/AuthorID/1559  ebooks download

 Nevil Shute was often in the headlines... he was a man of many interests...

Nevil Shute passed away in 1960... yet he remained in the headlines for some time to come... As his funeral was private, the family weren't overwhelmed by members of the public wanting to be part of history.

 In 1961, his widow made a claim on the estate...

.... perhaps after this item had been printed.

Probate was listed...
and then it went to court...
We can only hope that Nevil Shute, the author, who brought so much joy to so many, was able to eventually rest in peace. He was privately cremated at Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Victoria... but, where is he?

from Wikipedia..

* Just a few of his works to refresh your memory... On the Beach,

 What was your favourite book/movie/series by Nevil Shute?

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  1. Thanks - enjoyed reading more about the author and his wife. Wills can be very difficult and you do not really want to make the lawyers rich - you should be careful when writing so that it does not go to court and there should be no nasty surprises.


    Anne Young

    Anne's family history

    1. Thanks for your comment, Anne. I very much agree re wills...they do have to be very carefully worded.

      I would also hope that people realise that over time, wills are made public, so they should not be the means to pull a family apart.

  2. Behind every great man is a greater woman. Pops my feminist side popped out reading about Dr Frances Heston. Thanks for sharing the Trove material.

    1. I think that is what interested me most, Fran.. I knew of her, but not about her.. I'm sure therte is a lot more to her story also..
      Thanks for your comments..

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