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Taking a break from our travels this week.. to bring you a collection of birth, death and marriage notices from various states over several years as listed. More will follow in later blogs. 
There is also a puzzle to solve...

I have marked those born overseas with a blue line, or an asterisk *. Hopefully I haven't missed any.

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Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Tuesday 13 September 1859, page 9
National Library of Australia. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article13030706

Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Wednesday 4 January 1860, page 1

On the 24th ultimo, at her residence, Wargundy, county of Bligh, Mrs. James F. Plunkett, of a daughter.
On the 25th ultimo, at her residence, in Armidale, the wife of C. T. Weaver, Esq., P.M., of a son.
On the 29th ultimo, at her residence, 404, Sussex-street South, the wife of Jons Blomgren, of a son.
On the 1st instant, at the North Shore, Mrs. Henry Augustus Severn, of a daughter.
On the 1st instant, at Balmain, Mrs. P. S. Grant, of a son.
On the 3rd instant, at her residence, Maida, Mrs. William Russell, of a daughter.
On Wednesday, 28th ultimo, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. James Voller, Mr. Alexander Gray, of the Commercial Bank, Maitland, to Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr. James Glassop, of Balmain.
On Thursday, 29th ultimo, by special license, by the Rev. Dr. Mackay, at Ashmore Cottage, 98, Kent-street, Mr. William Munson, of Sydney, to Mary, third daughter of Mr. James Ewan, of Maitland.
On the 20th August, at Gambia, west coast of Africa, of yellow fever, Lieutenant Arthur Molony, 1st West India Regiment, aged 22 years, youngest son of the late Walter Molony, Esq. R.M., Belfast, Ireland. *

On September 23rd, suddenly, at Norwood-green, the Rev. A. C. Thomson, curate, formerly missionary of the S.P.G., Southern India, afterwards minister of St. James' Church, Melbourne, Victoria, and late chaplain at Evandale, Tasmania, aged 59.

On the 21st ultimo, at Ballina, Richmond River, Mrs. Ann Eyles, wife of Mr. Joseph Eyles, aged 41 years.

On the 26th ultimo, at Queanbeyan, from severe injuries received from a fall from his horse, Granville Faunce, second son of the late Captain Faunce, of Queanbeyan, in the 15th year of his age.

On Tuesday, the 27th ultimo, at Jarvisfield, Picton, of diphtheria, John Macquarie, elder son, in the third year of his age ; and on Sunday, the 1st instant, Celia Farrington, younger daughter of J. M. Antill, Esq., in the fifth year of her age.

On Monday, the 2nd instant, at Marlborough-street, Surry Hills, Frederick William Padwick, son of William and Ellen
Taylor, aged eleven months.

On the 3rd instant, at the residence of her parents, Brickfield-hill, of scarlatina, Elizabeth Clare, fourth child of Mr. Francis McMahon, aged four and a-half years.

On the 3rd instant, in childbirth, Mary Hannah, aged 43, the beloved wife of B. Dyer, builder, Jamison-street, leaving eight children, a disconsolate husband, and numerous friends to deplore their loss.

Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875), Thursday 5 January 1860, page 1

On the 1st instant, at the North Shore, Mrs Henry Augustus Severn, of a daughter.

At the Scots Church, by special license, on Wednesday, the 4th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Lang, M.P., Mr. Sidney Richard Heath, of Brougham-place, Pitt-street, late of Rockhampton, a native of Deptford, London *, to Mary Ann Wheeler, of Pitt-street, Sydney, born at sea. #  (see extra notes below)

On the 3rd instant, at Pictonville, North Shore, Robert Fulcher, eldest son of Mr. Robert F. Pockley, aged 4 years and 7 months.

The charge for the insertion of Births, Marriages and Deaths, in the Empire, is One Shilling each. This will ensure their notice in both the Weekly and Monthly Summaries.

Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW : 1843 - 1893), Thursday 5 January 1860, page 1

On the 3rd inst., by special license, at the Wesley Church, Singleton, by the Rev. G. Pickering, Henry Fenner Delves, native of Tunbridge Wells, England *, to Fanny Emily, second daughter of Mr. Sawkins, Singleton.
On the 28th ult., at Golden Grove, Manning River, Mrs. Richard Churchill, of a son.
On the 1st January, 1860, at his residence, Muswellbrook, Mr. Michael Jones, aged forty-nine years.

Launceston Examiner 12 Jan 1860

Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), Thursday 2 February 1860, page 4
National Library of Australia  http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article5696014

Cornwall Chronicle (Launceston, Tas. / 1835 - 1880), Saturday 4 February 1860


At Government Cottage, Launceston, on the 27th January, Mrs W. H. Clayton, of a daughter. 

On February 2nd, the wife of J. J. Pollard, Pianoforte maker, York Street, of a daughter. 

On the 2nd instant, at Victoria Terrace, Mrs R. M. McDowall, of a son. 

DIED. At her residence, St John Square, Launceston, on Friday, the 3rd February, 1860, Mrs Grace Dodery, aged 63 years, relict of the late Mr George Dodery. The funeral will take place on Sunday afternoon, at 3 o'clock. All friends invited to attend. R. Sadler, Undertaker.

Illustrated Sydney News (NSW : 1853 - 1872), Saturday 15 April 1865, page 14
National Library of Australia http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article63512367

The Herald 20th January 1877

Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Friday 9 March 1877, page 10
National Library of Australia http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article13389529

Curiosity got the better of me, so I chose just one couple (see above)  to do a little more research on... The obvious choice was to look for any more on their wedding. I've included the whole notice as other names might be relevant to some... By doing so, we have some extra information... Mary Ann's full name was Mary Ann Maria Wheeler.. and she was the 'youngest daughter of John Wheeler, late of Greenwich College, London.' We also see that she is listed as 'native of Clapham, London', no mention of her being born at sea.

Sydney Morning Herald 7 Jan 1860


The same notice appeared a week later in the    
nla.news-article28629278.3  SMH 13 Jan 1860    so no extra news there.

The next mention of Mary Ann that I found was a notice of her death...
nla.news-article13738060.3 Mary Ann Heath SMH 15 Aug 1889..  
 Just to confirm it was her, I checked the NSW BDM... it seems it could be correct, father John... Mary A M.... 

The following year Memoriam Notices appeared...  

Sydney Morning Herald (NSW / 1842 - 1954),   Wednesday 5 November 1890

HEATH.—In loving memory of my dear wife, Mary Ann Maria Heath, who died at her residence, Newman-street, Newtown, on the 5th November, 1889. Inserted by her loving husband, Richard Heath.

HEATH.—In loving remembrance of my dear mother, Mary Ann Maria Heath, who died November 5, 1889. Though lost to sight, still to memory dear. Inserted by her loving son, Sidney Wm. Heath.

The pain you suffered, dear mother, Was long and painful, we know ; But to be with Jesus for ever Is worth all pain here below.
HEATH.—In loving remembrance of my dear mother, Mary Ann Maria Heath, who died November 5, 1889, aged ? years. Inserted by her loving daughter, A. Wheeler,
Thy voice is now silent, the hearth is now cold,
Where thy smile and thy welcome oft met me of old. I miss thee, and mourn thee in silence unseen.

But I dwell in the memory of days that have been.

 This is the original of the notice, which was the last of three family notices, inserted by her daughter, A. Wheeler. I can't make out the age, can you? What have we learnt from the three Memoriam notices... Mary Ann seems much loved and missed.. she had at least two children, Sidney Wm. (William), who by the way appears often in TROVE and not in a worthy way... and a daughter, A. Wheeler. 

This leads to a couple of questions... why does her daughter go under the name of Wheeler? Also, are these notices referring to the same woman, HEATH Mary A. M.? Note that the previous death notice gives the date of death as 11 August 1860, but Memoriam notices have the date of death as Nov 5, 1860.

You would expect that the family would remember the date of their much loved wife and mother's death... so, check yet again...maybe it's not all that it seems.

The purpose of this exercise is to remind us all that there is always more to the story. Check, check and check again, before accepting the first find as fact.

I chose to trust the family  memoriam notices and went back again, not accepting that the first death notice and the entry in NSW BDM as seen above, was of the same woman. Bingo...

The Sydney Morning Herald 7 Nov 1889 has 'our ' Mary Ann Maria Heath...her funeral notice for Nov 1889. Has this also explained the daughter called A.Wheeler? Perhaps she was a daughter in law... married to John Wheeler... or maybe divorced... I'll leave that for others to follow.

On a final note, there is a death of a Richard Heath in 1866.. not 'our' Richard, as 'ours' appears in later years as above. 

If you have managed to get through all this, I thank you for your patience. If you are connected to this family, I would love to hear from you in Comments below... we seem still to be missing part of the puzzle.

All images courtesy of Pixabay

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