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as always, has so much to offer.
I hope you enjoy this collection of 
Christmas photos and Greeting Cards
related to Brisbane, Qld
over approx. 75 years.

Christmas card issued by Greenfield and Barraclough, Brisbane Opticians, ca. 1893 SLQ

Christmas day at the Trackson residence, Newmarket, Brisbane, 1900 SLQ

Christmas postcard of Victoria Bridge, Brisbane, ca. 1908 SL Qld

Christmas at 'Marama'. (Description supplied with photograph.)
Family celebrating Christmas in Brisbane, 1920
  • Creator
  • Hoy, William, 1892-1978
  • Published
  • John Oxley Library, 
  • State Library of Queensland, 
  • December 1920
Marama was the name of a steamship, used as a hospital ship during WW1

Perhaps it was also the name of the house.

Christmas greetings from the Minister and Officers of the Department of Public Lands, Brisbane, 1920 SLQ

Christmas card from Lord Mayor 1925 SL Qld

Albert Street Methodist Church, later to be dwarfed by the SGIO and other buildings.
Undated - State Library Qld

Brisbane City Hall with a rather simple Christmas tree compared to what we have now.
Though undated, this was after 1969 when cars were no longer allowed in the Square 
and just before one of the number of makeovers that have happened since the 1970s.

This may be out of sequence, but I thought I would keep the best till last..
 Christmas greetings poem from Ipswich Cash & Carry store, Brisbane Street, Ipswich, 1940s SLQ

These were included in all the grocery orders, I wonder how many of the customers
recognised themselves in this poem.

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